Turkey’s top 100 e-commerce leaders met

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Top 100 e-commerce leaders in Turkey have come together in a meeting.

Founded with İşbank as the main business partner and Fortune Turkey as the media partner within the international crossborder e-commerce platform WORLDEF, Ecom Leaders Club (ELC) has brought the e-commerce managers of brands together in the premiere night. The top 100 e-commerce leaders of Turkey have been given their plaques in the night that addressed many things regarding e-commerce.

The first and only c-level e-commerce club in Turkey, Ecom Leaders Club has organized a premiere night in Nart Resort on August 29, Saturday. Attended by managers and directors of Turkey’s most important e-commerce companies, ELC premiere night has been organized with İşbank as the main business partner and Fortune Turkey as the media partner. There was a moment of silence, which was followed by the Turkish National Anthem in the honour of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the martyrs due to August 30 Victory Day.

Ömer Nart: We’ll keep fingers on the pulse of the ecosystem with ELC members.

E-commerce is the night that kept the pulse of Turkey's top 100 e-commerce leader was presented with a plaque.

Ömer Nart: We’ll keep fingers on the pulse of the ecosystem with ELC members.

WORLDEF President Ömer Nart, who gave a speech in the premiere night which brought e-commerce managers of Turkey’s important brands together, has reminded that ELC was launched before the pandemic and that the community has faced great support after that. Nart stated that “as Ecom Leaders Club, we’re focusing on improving e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce by keeping our common benefit as the foundation. ELC is the first and only club in Turkey. For this reason, we’ll keep the pulse of the ecosystem with you dear ELC members. I give my thanks to İşbank, Fortune Turkey and our sponsors, who have never left us alone in this road that we set off to contribute to e-commerce and exportation in our country.”

Laleli: E-commerce entrepreneurs in Turkey are getting attention globally

WORLDEF President Ömer Nart, Group Media Founding Partner Nevzat Çalışkan (far left), Şule Laleli (middle) and Fortune Turkey group have posed for a souvenir photo.

Fortune Turkey Magazine Chief Editor Şule Lale has stated that the magazine has been operating for more than 13 years in Turkey. Laleli expressed her appreciation for their association with Ecom Leaders Club. She has also stated that the magazine, just like in the U.S.A, is one of the most referenced magazines in Turkey as well. Laleli said that “It is important to be objective while working in journalism and press fields in Turkey. Fortune Turkey provides that. We are making the ‘Fortune 500’ with our content, news and covers to improve transparency in Turkey.” Emphasizing that e-commerce has been a successful field during the pandemic, she stated “Turkish entrepreneurs’ work in e-commerce are getting the attention of many global brands”.

Prof. Dr. Kırcova: E-commerce is an outlet for Turkey

Ömer Nart handed Prof. Dr. Kırcova his plaque

ELC Academic Council President Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kırcova also talked about “Covid-19 E-Commerce Report”, prepared by WORLDEF and Fortune Turkey. He stated that they tried to explain how the pandemic affected e-commerce, economy and consumer actions in the report. He emphasized that he’s the first academician who studied e-commerce academically and said that “We can achieve things with contributions from the sector as a whole. The most problems we had were due to lack of sharing of data and information. We have to prepare reports to lead in the sector. We will ask for support of the e-commerce managers in this regard. Please share your data and information! We will try to create solutions for the problems of the sector together.”

Biral: We are moving physical events to virtual settings with Foevent

Focus on Event (Foevent) General Director Muhammed Biral made a presentation regarding the platform. He pointed that physical fairs and events can be organized in a virtual setting with the online infrastructure that Focus on Event provides. He emphasized that Foevent experiences can be personalized and said “With the power of digitalization, you can cross your borders and integrate sellers and buyers from all around the world to your online event platform.”

Message of unity from ELC jurors

ELC jurors were handed their plaques by ELC Academic Council President Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kırcova

In the premiere night, ELC jurors were given plaques as well. Plaques were handed out by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kırcova. ELC juror Joker E-Commerce Director Mehmet Türkel gave this thanks to all who worked on the organization and said “This organization happened in the right time. I think it will be useful in the long-term and middle-term.” Juror Ebebek E-Ticaret Director Emre İlban said “E-commerce sector in Turkey will continue to grow. ELC also has to grow. I wish that ELC grows together with thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs and shareholders.”

Hediyesepeti Ortağı İlyas Erimiş, who also received a plaque as a juror, said “I want to thank and to remind how important it is to share. I think that we will be in better places as long as we keep sharing.” Hobium E-Commerce Director Ali Aygün said “The biggest problem in Turkey for years was that e-commerce ecosystem never really came together. I think the first step has been taken. I hope that it will be better in the future.” ELC juror Fenerbahçe SK E-Commerce Director Gülce Şeneren said “I give my thanks to who all worked in the organization. We’ll do many great things together”.

ELC member 100 e-commerce leaders have received their plaques

CDEK Kargo CEO Sertalp Demirağ, CDEK Kargo Sales and Operational Director Çetin Balekoğlu, Propars Founding Partner Engin Sezgin, Group Media Founding Partner Nevzat Çalışkan and Digital Partners CEO Tunç Günbey have received their plaques from WORLDEF President Ömer NArt.

After the speeches, ELC members received their plaques in the ceremony. ELC members who received plaques remarked that the premiere night has created a great force by bringing the e-commerce ecosystem together. Nart Resort, where the Ecom Leaders Club Premiere Night took place, was designed according to social distancing rules, and all the required measures were taken. There were sanitisers and masks on the tables.

Who attended the ELC Premiere Night?

Many important figures from e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce ecosystems attended the Ecom Leaders Club Premiere Night. Here are the attendees;

CDEK Kargo CEO Sertalp Demirağ, CDEK Kargo Sales and Operational Director Çetin Balekoğlu, Propars Founding Partner Engin Sezgin, Group Media Founding Partner Nevzat Çalışkan, Digital Partners CEO Tunç Günbey, ELC jurors, Joker E-Commerce Director Mehmet Türkel, Ebebek E-Commerce Director Emre İlban, Hobium E-Commerce Manager Ali Aygün, Fenerbahçe SK E-Commerce Director Gülce Şeneren, Hediyesepeti Partner İlyas Erimiş, Altınbaş E-Commerce Manager Alper Tosun, Chakra E-Commerce Director Aykut Kaymaz, Sporpark E-Commerce Director Bora Alkaç, Supplementler E-Commerce Manager Bülent Partal, Kiğılı E-Commerce Director Ceren Yıldız, Greyder E-Commerce Manager Ceyhun Kuyumcu.

Hoagard Founding Partner Çağrı Ayten, Columbia Digital Sales Manager Çiğdem Yılmaz, Saat&Saat E-Commerce Director Eser Erkan, Evidea E-Commerce Director Faruk Balmumcu, Evkur E-Commerce Manager Gökhan Dündaroğlu, Suwen Digital Marketing Director Gökhan Özkan, Wessi CEO Göksel Aksu, Roman Giyim E-Commerce Manager Hande Öztek, Aydınlı Group E-Commerce Manager İbrahim Ethem Savran, Vip Brands General Coordinator Koray Dinç.

WORLDEF Bursa Representative Mustafa Sönmezay, BKM Kitap E-Commerce Director İbrahim Ceylan, Otto Founding Partner Murat Çandeviren, Dagi Giyim E-Commerce Manager Levent Elmas, Aymarka E-Commerce Director Necmi Kahraman, Brendfoni Business Development Manager Nicat Ahmadov, Orko Holding Business Development Abroad Director Nihat Onuk, Miele E-Commerce Manager Orçun Çanak, Yataş Grup E-Commerce Manager Önder Bakal, Evyap Global E-Commerce Director Özge Karadaş, Derimod E-Commerce Manager Özlem Can, N11 Supply Chain and International Business Development Director Ramazan Altınay.

Yıldız Holding E-Commerce Director Sadem Pehlivan, Orka Technology E-Commerce Director Selin İşlek, Sneaks Up E-Commerce Director Serkan Nazlıben, Gemaddicted E-Commerce Director Şebnem Akarsu, Pologarage E-Commerce Manager Şükrü Yeğit, Keramika E-Commerce and Brand Manager Tuğba Öztürk Demir, Hotiç E-Commerce Director Tülin Arslan, Rue Online E-Commerce Manager Uğur Akbıyık, English Home Global E-Commerce Director Üzeyir Karakaş, WORLDEF Business School President Orxan Isayev, WORLDEF Senior Advisor Çağdaş Yeşilbağ.

Turkey’s largest e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce community

Ecom Leaders Club has been founded with the vision of being the most important e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce community in Turkey. The club contains the most e-commerce directors within, and brings retail brands that want to do business in e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce together. ELC improves the business of retailers with close circuit international experience sharing meetings, and helps creating collaborations between e-commerce actors in Turkey with e-commerce actors in other countries. The club aims to make the e-commerce ecosystem in Turkey into a community. There are e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce managers of 100 companies from the ecosystem in the club. The club offers its members the opportunity to sell globally and create business relations and can only be joined through invitation.

Ecom Leaders Club organizes B2B marketplace matchmaking meetings for its members. This way, the members find the opportunity to sell in global marketplaces. It organizes meetings which are joined by e-commerce directors of global retail brands. Roundtable meetings are organized in which the problems of the sectors are discussed. The data obtained in these meetings are shared with public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations. This way, the assumptions acquired during the meetings help a cause.

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