Worldef Prime Package that consists of 25 modules, 1000 hours of video cross border e-commerce training is an online training package with the contribution of more than 25 instructors.

Worldef Prime offers exclusive services such as webinars to Ship Integrated Software and from cross border e-commerce online training to the book of "Cross Border E-Commerce From A to Z".

Unlike traditional e-commerce programs, it has been modeled in order to meet all the needs of the cross border e-commerce processes, especially of the entrepreneurs who want to participate in the cross border e-commerce initiative. It is also considered as a starting point and primary source for all individuals and institutions that wish to conduct cross border e-commerce individually.

Furthermore, it is ensured that all cross border e-commerce enthusiasts and business people who are successful in the field can benefit from networking privileges exclusive for Worldef Prime members, where they can exchange knowledge and experience through free meetings and events.

All different privileges that will add color to your cross border e-commerce vision and career are now in the world of WORLDEF PRIME.

  Your Benefits with Worldef Prime:

  • You will specialize in cross border e-commerce with 25 Modules, 1000-Hour cross border e-commerce video training sets,
  • You will keep your information up-to-date by joining the weekly Webinars,
  • You will have the opportunity to work and do internship with cross border e-commerce meetings and free events at work,
  • You will learn all the basic information required to become an  cross border e-commerce expert in detail,
  • You will be aware of all Worldef Events by becoming a member of Worldef Cross Border E-Commerce Special Contents and Mail Group,
  • After the training, you will be able to prepare a new roadmap and a different way of doing business for your cross border e-commerce initiatives,
  • You will be able to find answers to the problems you may encounter during your cross border e-commerce journey,
  • You will make your cross border e-commerce process easier by benefitting from our mentoring services given by the experts who work in important brands of Turkey's cross border e-commerce sector.


What's on WORLDEF Prime?

1 - Online Cross Border E-Commerce Trainings

  • 25+ Modules
  • 25 Expert Trainers
  • 1000 Hours Video Training Kit


Goverment Incentives
Digital Marketing
Brand & Patent
Payment Systems
Company Establishment Abroad
Logistics & Customs
Burak Aykut
Nükhet Dokuz
Yusuf Tunç
Göksel Aksu
Elif Serim
İsmet Ergin
One-to-one Consultancy

What You Will Have with the Online Cross Border E-Commerce Training

100+ Hours Online Training
Job and Internship Opportunity 
Free ShipEntegra Software
"Cross Border E-Commerce from A to Z" Book

2 - Cross Border E-Commerce Meeting by Is Bank

Worldef Prime Cross Border E-Commerce Meetings are offered to our participants who are members of the Privileged World.

100+ Hour Video Training
Internship & Job Opportunity
Free Worldef Webinars 
Worldef Prime Network

3 - Webinars 

Update your information on cross border e-commerce and discover more of it, by  attending our seminars at Worldef Business School that are held every Thursday at 21.00 by World E-Commerce Forum Training Coordinator Orxan Isayev and other experts in the area.


Within the scope of events and seminars organized exclusively for Worldef Prime members, Worldef Business School gathers suppliers and entrepreneurs who want to do cross border e-commerce by offering matching model to its users.

4 - Worldef Prime Contents

Cross Border E-Commerce Meetings by Is Bank
Prime Network Special Contents
Internship & Job Opportunity

5 - Free ShipEntegra Software

Prime Members can easily and securely connect their online stores to the system with cross border e-commerce Ship Entegra software and manage all their orders from different platforms in one place. One-touch cargo and customs can enter all the necessary data, even without notifying the customers, automatically transferring cargo numbers to stores in the online marketplace. This enables instant shipment with Ship Entegra software.

Online Store Management
Store Integration
Cargo Advantage