The Worldef Premium Package offers all of the curriculum topics related to cross border e-commerce from A to Z in the form of online and face-to-face training. The Premium Consultancy Package is aimed at individuals and institutions interested in cross border e-commerce who want to develop themselves in this sector. Unlike traditional e-commerce training programs, Worldef Premium is based on current issues related to the cross border e-commerce ecosystem with the contribution of more than 15 instructors and consultants.

It offers a limited number of face-to-face consultancy services especially to individuals and organizations that are or wish to be involved in cross border e-commerce. Unlike Theory Focused Training content, it is modeled to meet all the needs of individuals for cross border e-commerce processes with online trainings, practical classroom trainings and consultancy services for those who want to direct their career through cross border e-commerce.

Benefits with Worldef Premium:

  • You will specialize in cross border e-commerce with 100% applied training sets, 
  • You will facilitate your cross border e-commerce process with the support of Turkey's first and only cross border e-commerce platform consultants,
  • You will increase your earnings by selling abroad with the professional consultants of World E-Commerce Forum,
  • Attend weekly webinars and keep your cross border e-commerce information up to date,
  • You will be entitled to receive free conference tickets to all conferences organized by the World E-Commerce Forum,
  • In order to become a cross border e-commerce expert, you will learn how to do cross border e-commerce in detail by participating in Sales Techniques Training and cross border e-commerce Expertise Certificate Programs in Amazon America,
  • You will be aware of all Worldef Events by becoming a member of Worldef Cross Border E-Commerce Special Contents and Mail Group,
  • After the training, you will be able to prepare a new roadmap and a different way of doing business for your cross border e-commerce initiatives,
  • You will be able to find answers to all the problems you may encounter during your cross border e-commerce journey.

What's on Worldef Premium?

1 - One on One Consulting

If you want to increase your cross border e-commerce sales globally as individual and corporate, this package is for you! Premium Package owners will benefit from Turkey's first and only Cross Border E-Commerce Platform, the World E-Commerce Forum’s limited number of counseling opportunities.

Cross Border E-Commerce Market Research
Cross Border E-Commerce Department and Team Installation
Company Establishment Abroad
Overseas Payment Systems

2 - Premium Events

Meet the Premium Network advantage! You'll have the opportunity for free participation in Premium members only workshops, events, and  international conferences in Turkey's first and only cross border e-commerce Platform.

Cross Border E-Commerce Meetings by İş Bank
Limited number of consultancy
Premium Network
Certificate Programs

3 - Specialization Certificate Programs

Cross border e-commerce specialization programs are modeled by Worldef Business School with the mission of cross border e-commerce mobilization; participants are offered intensive training programs where they receive an applied training certificate.

4 - Online Cross Border E-Commerce Trainings

Government Incentives
Payment Methods
Trademark & ​​Patent Registration
Establishing Companies Abroad
Logistics & Customs
Sales to Overseas Markets
Introduction to Amazon
Amazon FBA Training
Amazon MasterClass Training
Branding & SEO at Amazon
Useful Tools for Amazon
Amazon'da Satıcı Hesabı Açma
X-Border Main Markets
E-İhracat'ta E-Ticaret Altyapısı
Cross Border E-Commerce Government Incentives
Trademark & ​​Patent Registration
Digital Marketing
Online Payment Systems

5 - Cross Border E-Commerce Webinars (Web Seminars)

Webinars consist of online training seminars on cross border e-commerce every week with a different curriculum title and guest. Refresh your knowledge about cross border e-commerce with our online seminars that include expert trainers every Wednesday at 21.00. Our online seminars are moderated by World E-Commerce Forum Training Coordinator Orxan Isayev. You can reach the webinars you missed in the past on our podcast page.


6 - Worldef Premium Contents

Limited number of consultancy

Premium Network

Applied Cross Border E-Commerce Expertise Trainings


Cross Border E-Commerce Webinars

7 - Free Ship Entegra Software

Prime Members can easily and securely connect their online stores to the system with cross border e-commerce Ship Entegra software and manage all their orders from different platforms in one place. One-click cargo and customs can enter all the necessary data, even without notifying the customers, automatically transferring cargo numbers to stores in the online marketplace. This enables instant shipment with Ship Entegra software.

Online Store Management
Store Integration
Cargo Advantage