Why is Localization Important in Cross Border E-Commerce?

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Localization is the process of translating the company's online profile into the language of its target audience.

Your eCommerce business may be drawing a very successful picture in your country. On the other hand, having a limited customer base may also be hindering your business’ growth. Shortly, having a limited customer portfolio will make it difficult for your business to reach the potential points it can yield. Localization in Cross border eCommerce means converting the online profile of the company, product descriptions, content based on the database and graphic images into the target audience’s language with cultural awareness.

Main Goal of Cross border eCommerce

  • Offering global customers an outstanding experience that is indistinguishable from their local experiences.
  • Maximizing the cross border sales by reaching customers worldwide and competing with the other opponents in the market.

Without a proper translation and localization strategy, entering into a global market would not possible. According to Statistica, English has been the most common language used on the Internet since December 2017. On the other hand, the most spoken language in the world is Chinese. Due to its population, with 1.28 billion speakers, China is at the top of the list. The second most used language in the world is Spanish with 437 million speakers and the third is English with 372 million speakers.

You may not be able to reach all of the markets by adding only one or two languages to your website. With Cross border eCommerce localization, an online business can be globalized and more than 70 languages can be included.

Advantages of Localization for Your Local eCommerce Business

What are the advantages of localizing your company globally? You can find them below:

  • Expanding your business allows you to reach a greater audience.
  • Cross border eCommerce practices offer more clicks and conversions to turn plenty of visitors into customers.
  • Customers trust the quality of the product if the description is in their native languages.
  • Sales and incomes increase.

Steps to Achieve Cross border eCommerce Localization

  • Research into the target country: It is important to learn about the target country where you want to expand your business. Before entering the country, comprehending the cultural diversity, the target audience’s language, the customer behavior and the market area is of vital significance. Your website’s customer interface should meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Write a proper product description: Plan a product description that makes the customers feel that each item and description is unique.
  • Translate your website completely: The most important part of localization is to have experts who are able to translate all the data based oriented content, product descriptions and even the images into the target language. This, of course, should be done with proper attention and cultural awareness.
  • Do not forget about the currencies: Convert each country’s price tag into the currencies effective in that country. Make sure to set a system that can make this automatically and in which the ratios can change in any second. By doing this, you can eliminate the risk of the loss that currency differences may cause.
  • Pay attention to the policies and limitations: Block any item that is forbidden in the target country in order to prevent any legal violations.
  • Offer internationally secure payment systems: The most crucial thing in Cross border eCommerce is to secure your payments. It is necessary to ensure that all transactions are legal and accepted in different currencies in order to have an internationally secure payment system.
  • International shipment: When you are going to ship your products to your customers, make sure you have the best shipping costs. Otherwise, you can lose your customers to your opponents. It is important to provide all customs documents in addition to international shipping services.

Globalizing and growing bring along many opportunities. The foreign market that you will enter, technological conditions and the competition you will be a part of will definitely be challenging. However, expanding your eCommerce around the world will be a great motivation and means for you.

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