What is Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer marketing identifies individuals who influence potential buyers.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing focusing on the people who may have some influence on a particular market instead of focusing on that market as a whole. Influencer marketing is described as the individuals who can affect potential buyers and it steers the marketing activities around these individuals.

The effect of this marketing type is achieved by benefiting from a person’s expertise, popularity or reputation. Influencer marketing, marketing to a target audience who are likely to have an impact on the market, has similarities with the word of mouth marketing, yet is not based on strict advice.

Who Is An Influencer?

Instead of doing traditional and poor ad campaigns, a combination of the people who we know and trust, word of mouth marketing and content created by other users is used in order to do marketing and promotion of a product or a service. For example, celebrities frequently take part in marketing products. A cross border e-commerce company that wants to do influencer marketing usually prefers people who are respected and followed by the target audience.

Once a celebrity uses a product or a service, it means the celebrity who is regarded highly by the society approves that product or service, and then the target audience starts to respect the product or service. In the influencer marketing strategy there also situations where undesirable products are constantly pushed towards the consumers.

Due to the growth of social media and the decreasing interest in traditional media, marketing and advertising companies had to develop different methods to reach the target audience. People who are addressing the great masses on YouTube and Instagram are being referred to as “influencers” (“fenomen” in Turkish).

It is not hard to see that influencers are used in marketing many products and services. Even the people who are considered to be at a top position in the sector they use influencers and benefit from influencer marketing to reach their target audience. For example, very popular people in Turkish cinema, like Cem Yılmaz, can collaborate with influencers who have the potential of affecting large masses in different social media accounts, before their films come to the big screen.

The Relationship Between Cross Border E-Commerce and Influencer Marketing

If a cross border e-commerce company wants to have a safe position in their target market, they must have a strong presence on social media. At this very point, influencer marketing can be everything that a cross border e-commerce company needs.

In order to create a new customer portfolio, a work strategy should be put forward. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to carry out a successful business. It may not always be easy to manage this issue and to take firm steps. Every market has its own differences within themselves. For this reason, marketing strategies that meet the demands of the target audience and create scalable results are surely required.

Today, on the other hand, customers are more resistant to traditional marketing strategies. This type of consumers have already learned to verify the expected quality of a product and also rely on the word of mouth marketing to make their final decisions.

This is the part where influencer marketing steps in to show its strength. Consumers tend to listen to the people they trust. Therefore, working with influences who have credibility, reputation and have the potential to reach the expected numbers within the target sector to recommend products and services can increase the sales dramatically and it can even change the dynamics of the market.

When the influencer marketing strategies are practiced correctly;

It will provide a great deal of help in creating brand recognition, creating credibility within the target audience, carrying the success in SEO further and reaching the goal in the market.

This type of marketing is an excellent opportunity for technophile brands, which accept the importance of feedback and are ready to proceed accordingly by taking the popularity of social media and its feedback skills. Influencer marketing requires appropriate plans just like in any other marketing strategy, yet its results will surprisingly be well.

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