What Is Google Ads? Bidding On Google Ads

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Google Ads is the world's most popular digital advertising option for search marketing.

Google is the largest search engine around the world. Google Ads is the most popular digital ad option around the world for search marketing. Previously known as Google AdWords, this application is the ad service of Google. Websites that sell products or services can rank high on search engine result pages (SERP) by making payment. It might take a long time to wait for new websites to rank higher with this method. Therefore, it can provide traffic in the short-term. You can see the results instantly with paid search. It is not hard and expensive as you think to use ad service.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the ad operation management department of Google which is the largest search engine around the world. There are 3.5 billion searches per day on Google and organic visibility is challenging and time-consuming. Google advertisement increases the visibility of your website when you make payment. According to research, most people click on the top search result when they search on Google. The first results that you see when you make any search on Google are often the result published by Google Ads.

As we can see from the image above, worldef.net ranks at the top for “Etsy Consultancy” with the organic visitor traffic. But the website that purchases ad campaign with Google Ads ranks the first. The difference here is the “Ad” icon that indicates the first website is an ad.

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is to help to attract visitor traffic which is hard to create at the beginning. Therefore, allocating budget to Google Ads and placing an ad at the beginning is a reasonable solution. But text ads are not the only way to advertise on Google. If you are selling a product with a visual, your products can be visible on “Google Shopping” or “Images” section with Google Ads.

What Should You Consider With Google Ads?

We can create the following list for the things to consider when publishing ads on Google Ads.

  • The budget must be set for Google Ads.
  • You need to work on keywords.
  • Both text and visual ad networks should be used.
  • Search term reports must be created with Google Analytics.
  • The results must be analysed well, correct optimisation must be done.
  • Locational targeting should be done well.

When these are considered, a successful Google Ads ad campaign can be realised. Thus, sustainable visitor traffic can be achieved and you can increase the awareness for your products and services.

What Is Paid Search?

Paid search is a term used to advertise on search engine lists. These normally appear on the top of the side of a SERP. Currently, Google has a small green “Ad” tag on paid search websites. In short, certain keywords are selected for a Google search. Then, the ad area is created on SERP to rank at the top by using these keywords. These are called “paid search”.

Google Ads offers the keywords for paid search to various firms. A keyword purchased by a firm can be purchased by a competitor firm. There might be multiple firms that want to rank higher with ads for certain word search. The more you pay per click, the more likely your ad will appear in search results. For this reason, paid search is often referred to as “Pay Per Click” or PPC. Google has “Ad Rank” to determine how high are ads on SERP and whether the ads are shown at all.

What Is Ad Rank?

A Google search rank

Ad Rank is a measurement used by Google to determine the display order of paid search ads on the SERP. Generally, ad with the highest ad rank is shown at the top. The ad with the second-highest ad rank is shown at second.

There are five factors for ad rank calculation.

  • Ad bid amount
  • Quality of the ad and landing page
  • Ad rank thresholds are a set of quality thresholds that an ad must meet to be eligible to show. These depend on factors to be topic, location and type of a search.
  • Search context, including other user signals such as query, search time, other ads displayed on the page, search results, location and type of demand
  • Ad extensions and other ad types… These are additional information pieces where you can add a phone number or external link to other pages of the website.

What Is Google Ads Quality Score?

Google quality score example

Google Ads account quality score metric will show a result as follows.

Quality score is a ranking between 1 and 10 (top 10) based on the performance of each ad or keyword. This is the general score that will give an idea about your website performance. The quality score consists of three different sections:

  • Expected click-through rate: What is the average CTR for the area? If you are above average, you can expect a better quality score than most others.

  • Ad relevance: How specific the ads are? Does the offer and call to action make sense for the product or service you are advertising? If your ad says “visit the store now” but you are only selling online products, your ad relevance will be low.

  • Landing page experience: Do you landing page and ads convey the same information? Same offer? Same keyword? If not, you probably have a low-quality score.

These three factors are critically important to achieve higher quality score and to convert more users. Your conversions will be cheaper as your quality score is higher. Quality score is the function of the rank when combined with ad rank. Quality scores are the simple and clear measurements that show what you did wrong or right when you optimise your campaigns. When your quality score increases, you click costs and acquisition costs will ve low.

Bidding On Google Ads

You need to make payment to Google Ads on every click. The price paid for each click is called cost-per-click (CPC). Maximum bid amount can be selected. If this is set automatic, Google will choose the most suitable offer for your budget and you will get the most clicks for that budget. There is also another less common option called cost-per-impression (CPM). In this option, payment is made to search engine for 1000 impressions in SERP. User does not need to click.

The most practical way to be visible to customers who search for products and services on Google search and Maps is Google Ads. This way, you will only make payment for directing to your website or phone calls to your firm. Those who search on Google can see the offered products and services. People who are looking for what to do, where to go and what to buy see the products and services offered by firms on Google.

Google Ads Ad Sample

Google Ads sample

If we give a successful ad sample for Google Ads, we will first think of Fruugo company. Fruugo is a UK-based online marketplace. 665.760 people visited Fruugo in the last 6 months. 70.93% of these visitors came from Google Ads. While this traffic has positive effects on sales, the profitability increases every day.

The most disregarded thing in Google Ads ad is that Google Ads is open to everyone. Everyone around the world can use this service. Wide usage brings competition as well. Every step must be planned to be successful in this highly competitive environment.

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