What is Amazon Prime?

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Amazon Prime works on the logic of "upgrading" the membership by paying extra fees.

Amazon Prime is a special feature that aims to reduce the waiting period which is perhaps the most annoying part for customers who prefer online shopping. It is described as a special feature because Amazon Prime is actually an “upgrade” of membership by paying an additional fee. Amazon has always kept customer satisfaction at highest since its foundation and managed to turn both customer and seller demands into innovative solutions. Once again, Amazon meets the expectations with its Prime service.

What Exactly Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime service is the perfect choice for customers who do not want to wait a long time for their delivery, especially in online shopping. This service that offers customers the benefit of same-day or next-day delivery for their purchased items with Prime membership, reduces the single most annoying step of e-commerce for the customers: the waiting. Amazon started to provide service in Turkey and has a Prime service as well but for now, it is only in the testing process and trial services. Amazon Prime is not a service that only accelerates the delivery process but also offers different services and benefits.

What Are Some Benefits of Amazon Prime?

When you are a member of Amazon Prime you can benefit from unlimited fast delivery advantage as well as many other additional services for free or affordable prices. These are;

  • Amazon Prime Video: Prime Video offers its members the opportunity to benefit from their unlimited archive of movies and tv shows just like Netflix, and it is seen as one of Netflix’s most important competitors especially with Amazon America and Amazon Europe starring worldwide celebrities in their productions. Another main benefit of Prime Video is that it is compatible with various other platforms such as Smart TV, Xbox and PS4 or even iOS and Android.
  • Amazon Prime Music: Being a Spotify-like service and having a wide music archive, Prime Music acts as a music library including many artists and genres from all around the world. Besides, Prime Music is a service provided in Prime membership without any additional fee.
  • Amazon Prime Reading: Prime Reading is another free service to Prime members and provides unlimited access to countless e-books and magazines in the Amazon archive.
  • Amazon Photos: As a similar service to Dropbox, Amazon Cloud offers cloud-based storage space service and allows you to store unlimited photos.
  • Twitch Prime: Twitch, one of the most used gaming platforms in the world, offers Prime subscribers special discounts, campaigns and various opportunities.

As is seen, Amazon Prime is not only a fast shipping service but also allows you to easily access the Amazon counterparts of popular services like Netflix, Spotify and Dropbox through a single account. Another benefit that makes Amazon Prime already appealing on its own is the discounts exclusive to its subscribers. These discounts for the Prime subscribers are often opportunities too good to be missed.

Start Selling on Amazon

To benefit from the opportunities of e-commerce and Cross-border ecommerce as a seller, you can create an account on Amazon and start earning money by selling your products worldwide. To find out all the details about Amazon where you can have unlimited selling area and customer mass both in our country and all around the world, you can take a look at certain Amazon guides like Amazon Academy or Amazon courses or you can simply go to amazon.com and check out the “Sell” heading.

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