What is Amazon Fulfillment?

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Amazon Fulfillment provides great convenience for sellers who want to sell abroad.

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA offers many conveniences for vendors who would like to do trade abroad. Amazon USA and Amazon Europe create the markets with the highest sales potential when the purchasing power of these regions is considered. Therefore, a service of that kind is a great support for the vendors.

Vendors who wish to make more profit by expanding sales area and volume should definitely research more about the process of Amazon Fulfillment and its end results. Here are the things you should know about the Amazon Fulfillment, Amazon’s service that makes it easy for the sellers globalize.

What Does Amazon Fulfillment Exactly Mean?

Amazon Fulfillment acts as a business partner providing service for Amazon users, especially sellers whose aim are to expand across the borders and who are in need of operational support to have sustainable sales abroad.

Fulfillment, a detailed partnership for those who sell their products on Amazon, includes many steps from packaging, shipping, providing support after sales to the return procedure that concern vendors directly or indirectly. Thanks to this service, vendors can easily expand to the USA or Europe even though they do not have enough knowledge or experience within these markets.

Advantages of Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon Fulfillment’s advantages bring many different processes together while it also reduces the burden of vendors.

  • Amazon Fulfillment stores the items you wish to sell on your behalf.
  • Amazon FBA itself packages the placed orders and ships them to the customer.
  • Amazon FBA tracks the items and sends the tracking information to the customer.
  • You might use Amazon warehouses for sales you do for other platforms as well.
  • Amazon FBA also takes responsibility for the support after sales.
  • Amazon FBA takes actions for refunds, returns or feedbacks.
  • Making your products suitable for Amazon Prime also increases your sales potential.

How to Get Benefit from Amazon Fulfillment?

On Amazon, there is no need for complicated processes or long procedures for vendors who would like to focus on sales abroad. For a sustainable Amazon Fulfillment experience, it is enough to set a proper strategy and meet the necessary conditions on taxes, billing, and customs that are required for the international trade.

First, you need to have an account on Amazon as a seller and you need to apply to the Amazon FBA service for the products you have listed. You also need to bring your products in compliance with this service. In other words, you should choose the shipment method as “Fulfillment by Amazon”, not “Fulfillment by Merchant”.

While adjusting these, copying the product and changing its shipment method as “Amazon FBA” rather than changing the method as “Amazon FBA” increases your sales ratio. In this way, you can both send products to the seller and make sales on Amazon FBA. However, it is important to check your stock availability while doing this.

Once your products are suitable fort he FBA service, you can make a new order on your seller interface. You should enter the required details about the products on your “Manage Inventory” page. You should manually enter some of the information while the others are taken automatically from other websites.

Information you need to include for products that you will sent to FBA are;

  • Total number of products,
  • Total parcel numbers; sizes and weights of these parcels,
  • Packaging details of the products,
  • FBA barcodes on the products (which can be done by FBA for you),
  • Information about the courier company,
  • Details about the address where the products are shipped.

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