What Are Amazon USA Commission Rates?

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Amazon USA commission rates will give ideas for individual and professional sales strategies!

Amazon consumers which is the largest online marketplace around the world spend 1400 dollars per year on average. Amazon that offers great advantages for brands and retailers requires some costs. There are various factors to consider for selling on Amazon. First, you need to decide which sales strategy is suitable for the business. Amazon individual sales plan is sufficient for third-party sellers who want to sell immediately; but if you have niche category products such as collection or fie arts, you need to have a professional sales plan! Amazon USA commission rates will give ideas for individual and professional sales strategies!

Selling on Amazon USA

Everyone who sells or planning to sell on Amazon.com wants to know how much will the selling cost on the largest retail platform. Therefore, Amazon Europe and Amazon USA commission rates are frequently asked. In Amazon USA, professional sellers pay $39.99 per month. This fee did not change in 2020. Additionally, different commission rates and shipment rates must be paid for each category. Individual sellers must pay commission fees as well as 0.99 US dollars fee per sales. Amazon charges for all sales. Therefore, these chargers called Amazon USA commission rates or Amazon USA sales commissions are different for membership model and sales category.

What Are Amazon USA Commission Rates?

Amazon has flexible options for sales. Amazon USA commission rates depend on selected sales plan, product category and completing orders. Amazon offers suitable combinations for sale targets. Individual and professional sales plans on Amazon has shipment cost per item that depends on the category. If you plan to sell less than 40 products per month, individual plan will be the most ideal option. Other than sales plan, there are additional costs such as referral fee, order delivery options and ad placement.

2020 Amazon USA commission rates for Amazon product categories are as follows:

Baby products (except clothing)8% – 15%
Beauty products8% – 15%
Beer, wine and alcoholic beverages 10%
Books, music, VHS, DVD15%
Camera and camera machines 8%
Mobile phone 8%
Clothing, shoes, accessories 17%
Consumer electronic7%
Electronic accessories 8% – 15%
Furniture and decoration 10% – 15%
Grocery and gourmet8% – 15%
Health and personal care8% – 15%
Furniture 15%
Grocery and gourmet8% – 15%
Health and personal care8% – 15%
Industrial tools and equipment12%
Jewellery 5% – 20%
Travel accessories, luggage15%
Music instruments 15%
Office supplies 15%
Software 15%
Computer 6%
Sports and outdoor 15%
Video games, accessories, console 8% – 15%
Watches 3% – 16%
Other 15%
Amazon USA commission rates

Amazon USA FBA Commission Fees

Users that benefit from FBA which is the warehouse and shipment service of Amazon has to pay varying commission fees. Amazon FBA commission rates are charged for following services:

  • FBA Fulfillment Fee
  • Storage Fee
  • Removal Order Fee
  • Label Service

In Amazon FBA services, product package size, weight, storage and packing cost, shipment country or state are the factors that affect FBA commission fees. Depending on these factors, certain fee is demanded per shipped product. Amazon USA commission rates are automatically deducted from your Amazon account. Commission pricing is calculated by converting to money-based currency.

Amazon USA FBA commission prices could be as small as 2.41 dollars for small products. For larger products, more than 100 dollars of FBA pricing is possible. If you use Amazon warehouses, you need to pay monthly fee for used storage area. This price could be 0.69 dollar per cube to 2.40 dollars per cube.

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