What Are Amazon Europe Commission Rates?

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Amazon Europe commission rates are valid for England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain as of 01 April 2020.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace around the world. To sell in this giant market, it is necessary to bear some costs such as monthly membership fee and commission rate per product. Amazon takes commission fee from sellers based on categories to sustain operational activities. Every seller must pay a commission for every sold product. Amazon Europe marketplace commission rates vary which forms the significant portion of Amazon sales. So, what are Amazon Europe commission rates?

Why Amazon Europe?

Europe has a great potential for cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce. Germany and England are leading e-commerce countries in Europe. Therefore, sellers who want to open a store on Amazon Europe choose Germany, England and other large markets in European countries as their target. Especially England and Germany would be a good start for Amazon Europe.

With programs such as European Fulfilment Network and Multi-Country Inventory (MCI), products stores in Germany and England are closer to German and British customers. This means faster delivery. Additionally, with Pan-Europe FBA, you can expand your e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce targets to the entire EU.

You can market your products to millions of customers in 28 countries with Amazon Europe. While Amazon Europe provides sales advantage during holiday season and popular days, it can also help increasing your cash flow. Amazon has logistic centres designed for international sales in Europe. It is possible to benefit from effective tools and first-class customer services. This way, you can get the chance to expand your business and products to the global market.

You need to consider some factors to create an effective store on Amazon Europe. Selected product category, margin, legal requirements and Amazon Europe commission rates change based on countries and business-specific factors. You need to consider all cons and pros to sell a product in a new European market.

Amazon Europe Commission Rates

It is necessary to pay commission fees for products listed on Amazon Europe websites. Amazon Europe commission rates are different than Amazon Turkey. There is 39 Euro (excluding VAT) monthly fee for professional sales. Additionally, sales service fee is paid for each sold product depending on the category. Amazon Europe commission rates which are valid for England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain as of 01 April 2020 are as follows.

CategoryGermany England France Italy Spain
Baby products (except clothing)8% – 15%8% – 15%%8,24 – %15,45%8,24 – %15,458% – 15%
Beauty products8% – 15%8% – 15%%8,24 – %15,45%8,24 – %15,458% – 15%
Beer, wine and alcoholic beverages 10%10%10,30%10,30%10%
Books, music, VHS, DVD15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Business, industrial and scientific equipment15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Car and motorcycle%7 – %15%7 – %15%7,21 – %15,45%7,21 – %15,45%7 – %15
Clothing, shoes and bags%7 – %15%7 – %15%7,21 – %15,45%7,21 – %15,45%7 – %15
Computer and computer accessories%7 – %15%7 – %15%7,21 – %15,45%7,21 – %15,45%7 – %15
Consumer electronic7%7%7,21%7,21%7%
DIY and tools12%12%12,36%12,36%12%
Education materials15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Electronic accessories8% – 15%8% – 15%%8,24 – %15,45%8,24 – %15,458% – 15%
Furniture 15%15%%10,30 – %15,45%10,30 – %15,4515%
Grocery and gourmet8% – 15%8% – 15%%8,24 – %15,45%8,24 – %15,458% – 15%
Health and personal care8% – 15%8% – 15%%8,24 – %15,45%8,24 – %15,458% – 15%
Industrial tools and equipment12%12%12,36%12,36%12%
Jewellery5% – 20%5% – 20%%5,15 – %20,60%5,15 – %20,605% – 20%
Metal work12%12%12,36%12,36%12%
Music instruments 12%12%12,36%12,36%12%
Software 15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Sports and outdoor 15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Video games, accessories, console 8% – 15%8% – 15%15,45%15,45%8% – 15%
Watches %5 – %15%5 – %15%5,15 – %15,45%5,15 – %15,45%5 – %15
Handmade products12%12%12,36%12,36%12%
Other 15%15%15,45%15,45%15%
Amazon Europe Commission Rates

Which Information Is Necessary to Open Amazon Europe Store?

To benefit from sales and competition advantages of Amazon in the European countries, Amazon Europe store opening conditions and Amazon Europe commission rates are important. Here are some necessary information and documents to open Amazon Europe store

  • Legal business name
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Tax number
  • Tax office
  • Identity Document
  • Credit card
  • Chamber of commerce/chamber of industry activity document,
  • Most current Commercial Register showing company shareholders,
  • Notary approved signatory circular
  • Invoice registered for the company owner

Beneficial Information About Amazon Europe

  • Compared to Amazon USA, Amazon Europe has relatively less sellers. Therefore, Amazon Europe especially has advantages for sellers in Turkey.
  • Choosing suitable products in terms of delivery and use will provide advantages for Amazon Europe. For example, a plug for the USA standards might not be suitable for EU countries.
  • For Amazon Europe, it is important to consider factors such as product category, distribution rights and sources.
  • Germany has delivery advantages across Europe due to geographic location.
  • Amazon Europe commission rates are generally similar among countries.
  • Various services and processes in Amazon USA can be used in Amazon Europe market.
  • Amazon Europe has unique differences based on culture and language differences.
  • For cross-border e-commerce with Amazon to European countries, Amazon Europe tax requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Products compliance with law is an important thing for Europe. Product standards change for countries.
  • The prices of Amazon Europe are different than Amazon Turkey. There is €39 (excluding VAT) monthly fee for professional sales. Sales service fee is paid for each sold product depending on the category.

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