WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 60

The guest to cross-border e-commerce webinar week organised with the collaboration of WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) and T-Soft is Flormar Digital Marketing Director Onur Özçelik. Özçelik will talk about “E-Commerce During and After Pandemic”.

Who is Onur Özçelik?

Onur Özçelik graduated from Marmara University Economics Department in 2000 and completed his master’s in 2003 in Işık University Business Administration for Managers. He started his career in 1998 as online marketing regional director of BSH Home Appliances. In 2006, he continued his career in BSH Germany as digital commerce director to manage the international content management process of 13 brands in 50 countries and more than 300 websites under BSH.

He came back to İstanbul in 2011 and continued to work as digital commerce and online sales director in BSH Home Appliances. At the same time, he gave lectures in Bahçeşehir University, Okan University and Altınbaş University on “digital marketing” and “e-commerce”. Onur Özçelik worked as digital commerce sales director in Stanley Black & Decker between 2018-2020. He is currently working as the digital sales director in Flormar.

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars week?

  • Past and development of e-commerce in Turkey.
  • How do marketplaces push the sector to change?
  • Effect of social media and challenges for brands
  • Status of white appliances, hardware and colourful cosmetic sectors.
  • Discount and campaign rush
  • Effects of the pandemic
  • Shipment infrastructure
  • Expectations in the 4th quarter and the aftermath

You are invited to online live training!

  • 24 September Thursday
  • Time: 21:00
  • Guest: Onur Özçelik – Flormar Digital Marketing Director
  • Moderator: Orxan Isayev – WBS General Director
  • Moderator: Tolgay Çetinkaya – T-Soft Sales Director
  • Quota: 500 people

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