In the week of Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars, we will discuss the subject of "Integration Process of Amazon, eBay and Etsy". Our guest will be Engin Sezgin from Propars.

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 47

Amazon, Ebay and ETSY Integration Process

We will talk about “Integration Processes on Amazon, eBay and Etsy” on WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOLL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars week! Our guest will be Engin Sezgin from Propars.

Who is Engin Sezgin?

Engin Sezgin proved his experience in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce in Idefix. In a short time, he started this workd in cross-border e-commerce which he called “a door opening to new worlds”. He released “Propars” integration system that brought the commerce of the world to homes. Propars was established in 2013 in İstanbul University Technokent. The project was selected as the pilot project by Türk Telekom. Currently, it has become a pioneering structure that enables cross-border e-commerce to 26 countries with global platform integrations such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Engin Sezgin will share his experience and knowledge in this process!

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars week?

  • Amazon integration processes
  • eBay integration processes
  • Etsy integration processes

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