“Cross-Border E-Commerce Success Stories” will take place during the Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars week. Our guest will be Didem Çiğdem Kırlı, the marketing and brand manager of Panço!

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Cross-Border E-Commerce Success Stories

WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinar will have “Cross-Border E-Commerce Stories” this week. Welcome to our webinar! Our guest will be Panço Children’s Wear marketing and brand manager Didem Çiğdem Kırlı!

Who is Didem Çiğdem Kırlı?

Didem Çiğdem Kırlı started her professional career in 2004 as MT candidate in marketing department of Pepsi.Co Fritolay. Due to her success in a short period, she was assigned as assistant brand manager for Doritos & Ruffles brand. With her successful ad and organisation in this position, she was awarded with important rewards “Crystal Apple” and “Silver Effie” for the brand. In the same period, she created the first online community of the world with Doritos “Right Place Right Time” campaign. In this period, she suggested pioneering collaboration ideas such as becoming the main sponsor of MTV Turkey, Survivor and she helped the brand to be a pioneer when Turkey entered the technology age.

Çiğdem Kırlı became manager at Morhipo in 2011 and the brand was awarded with “Google Most Effective Budget Use” reward thanks to her efforts in digital and visual process use for Morhipo which is one of the large marketplaces. In 2013, when e-commerce steps were created in the textile sector in Turkey, she decided to combine her experienced in e-commerce with marketing experience. She worked as “e-commerce director” in Adil Işık Ready Wear. She helped “adL” and “Love My Body” brands as sector pioneers called “new generation marketing” and helped the brand to experienced accelerated revenue with transition to e-commerce. This important step in the brand emphasized that e-commerce cannot be separate from traditional marketing and it is necessary to thing everything digital.

Kırlı became marketing and brand manager in Panço Children’s Wear in 2017 and she helped the brand to grow the online commerce. She continues to expand the market share of the brand she carried to cross-border e-commerce.

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars week?

  • General information about Panço
  • Panço’s cross-border e-commerce journey
  • Marketplaces the brand sells
  • Marketing processes in cross-border e-commerce
  • Payment systems in used cross-border e-commerce
  • Cross-border e-commerce experiences

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