In the week of Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars, we will discuss the topic of "CIS Region Logistics Solutions in Cross-Border E-Commerce". Our guest will be Gadir Huseynov from UMT!

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 42

CIS Region Logistics Solutions in Cross-Border E-Commerce

We will talk about “Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistic Soltuions in CIS Region” on WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOLL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars week! Our guest will be Gadir Huseynov from UMT International Transportation company?

Who is Gadir Huseynov?

Gadir Huseynov was born in 1967. Huseynov graduated from Azerbaijan State Economy University and completed his doctorate in İstanbul Aydın University. He was involved in trade with Azerbaijan and Russia. In 2010, he established UMT International Transportation logistics company in Turkey. He is still the chairman of the company. He attended international conferences and symposiums in Turkey. He speaks Turkish, Russian and Azeri.

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars week?

  • Logistic processes in cross-border e-commerce and customs exemption limits for countries
  • Payment versatility in cross-border e-commerce for countries
  • Return process management and customs problems in logistics
  • Things to do for cash on delivery in CIS region and cash on delivery process
  • Product return reasons and minimising return costs
  • Changing shipment costs in various regions
  • Importance of proforma invoice in cross-border e-commerce process
  • Process for product damage and loss in delivery process
  • International unions and agreements in CIS countries in cross-border e-commerce process

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