Ömer Nart, the founder of WORLDEF, will be our guest in the series of cross-border e-commerce webinars.

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 4

What is Cross-Border E-Commerce and what is not?

Welcome to our webinars! Tonight, our guest will be Ömer Nart founder of WORLDEF, the first and only international platform of Turkey gathering cross-border e-commerce circle in Turkey. He will share all the details about what is cross-border e-commerce from A to Z and what do they aim in the international arena. You are invited to our webinar with our education coordinator Orxan Isayev as the moderator!

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars program?

  • What Is Cross-Border E-Commerce?
  • “3E” model of cross-border e-commerce (efficiency, education, equate)
  • Cross-border e-commerce methods (social media, marketplaces, your own website)
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce and Alibaba.com
  • Stand-off of alibaba.com in terms of cross-border e-commerce in turkey

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