In the last cross-border e-commerce webinar week of 2019, Aydın Karadöller, the founding partner of Fotometrik360, will be our guest.

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 26

Correct Use of Photographs in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Welcome to the last cross-border e-commerce webinar week of WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) in 2019! In this week’s webinar, we will talk about product photography which is one of the most important factors to contribute to correct digital marketing!

The best method to promote the product to a domestic or international customer is the product photos. Additionally, the product photo significantly affects the sales rates. So, how should the product photos on our own website or foreign marketplaces should be?

We will have Fotometrik360 which is a firm in photography sector since 1953 and updates the operations by closely monitoring e-commerce sector as our guest. Fotometrik360 directed to digital market and 360 degrees product and venues photography since 2008. The firm hs the first most advanced system in this field and it is the only developer and implementer of 360 degrees full spherical system (the system that shows the top and bottom of the product).

What are we going to talk about cross-border e-commerce webinars week?

This week’s guest will be Fotometrik360 co-founder Aydın Karadöller. Karadöller will share his experience and knowledge about photograph use in digital marketing!

  • Importance of products photograph in digital marketing
  • 360 degrees product photo shoot
  • How should the product photograph be in cross-border e-commerce?
  • Light in product shooting
  • Effect of product photographs on sales rate

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