In the series of cross-border e-commerce webinars, Çağrı Ayten, one of the founding partners of Hoagard, will tell about this unique brand that emerged by cross-border e-commerce!

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 20

Cross-Border E-Commerce Success Stories

Welcome to our webinar on design in cross-border e-commerce in cross-border e-commerce webinar week! Actual, design is in our life in one way or other! But now, we would like to see home decorations products at our home and workplace that combines simplicity and aesthetic. We want to give attractive and unique designs as gifts.

This week, our guest will be Hoagard that makes nature-inspired decorative designs since 2014. Hoagard continues to expand product range with unique designs and constantly tries new things to create different products. We will talk about this unique brand that completely emerged with cross-border e-commerce with Çağrı Ayten, co-founder of Hoagard. Ayten will share his cross-border e-commerce start-up stories born in Denizli and her experience and knowledge in this process!

What are we going to talk in cross-border e-commerce webinar series this week?

  • General information about Hoagard
  • Importance of home decoration products for cross-border e-commerce
  • Position of design products in cross-border markets
  • Countries that Hoagard sells
  • Channels that Hoagard sells
  • General information about Hoagard operation process
  • Payment systems used by Hoagard
  • Social media tools used by the brand
  • Government supports used by the brand
  • Problems experienced in cross-border e-commerce process
  • Recommendations for those who want to be involved in cross-border e-commerce

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