Aşkın Yeşilyurt, CEO of LaStore Group, will be the guest in the cross-border e-commerce webinar series!

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 14

Sale techniques in Amazon America

WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars are continued! Welcome to our webinar of this week! This week, we will talk about sales techniques on Amazon USA which requires an expertise beyong sales in Cross-Border E-Commerce and which is the most popular marketplace.

This week’s guest is Aşkın Yeşilyurt, CEO of LaStore Group who sells on Amazon and other marketplaces (eBay, Etsy etc.) since 2013 after realising the importance of online sales on global markets. He became successful in this field in a short time and shifted 70% of the supply chain to Turkey and became the leading name in cross-border e-commerce in Turkey. Aşkın Yeşilyurt will share his information and knowledge in this webinar as we discuss all details about Amazon and sales techniques.

What are we going to talk in cross-border e-commerce webinar program this week?

  • Introduction to Amazon
  • Amazon USA market
  • Sales techniques on Amazon
  • Understanding the logic to sell on Amazon
  • Advantages of having an Amazon store
  • What is Fulfillment by Amazon?
  • Branding and SEO on Amazon

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