This week, we are hosting General Manager Ömer Balkaya in the cross-border e-commerce webinars program!

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 10

Cross-Border E-Commerce Return Processes

WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce webinar program will have “Return Processes in Cross-Border E-Commerce” topic. In this webinar, our guest will be that started e-commerce in 2012 and the popular and unrivalled online shopping address for modest fashion. is among the fastest growing e-commerce websites in Turkey and choose as the top 100 start-ups in Europe by Red Herring. The firm adopted social media-based growth and attracts attention with 5 million followers on Facebook.

In this webinar, Ömer Balkaya General Director of that pioneered a great change in cross-border e-commerce with unique growth model. Balkaya will share how they manage the return problem which is the most important and common problems in cross-border e-commerce especially in terms of customer satisfaction and his experience and knowledge in this process.

What are we going to talk in cross-border e-commerce webinar program this week?

  • General information about
  • Cross-border e-commerce journey of and marketplaces they sell
  • Social media-based growth model in cross-border e-commerce
  • General problems in cross-border e-commerce
  • Importance of customer satisfaction in cross-border e-commerce
  • Return and product change processes in cross-border e-commerce logistics
  • Return and product change model of
  • and shipment processes

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