WBS Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinars 1

Government Incentives in Cross-Border E-Commerce

WORLDEFBUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Supports will be considered in the first WORLDEFBUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) Cross-Border E-Commerce Webinar series. In this first webinar series, WBS General Director Orxan Isayev and Keynes Consultancy Founder Ahmet Emre Bükcü will evaluate the government supports for those who want to be involved in cross-border e-commerce.

Cross-border e-commerce government supports

One of the greatest question for those who want to make cross-border e-commerce is “how can I benefit from government supports?” As it is known, governments significantly support firms for e-commerce. In general, government supports for cross-border e-commerce are provided with a holistic perceptive to support our firms at every stage of opening to other countries. The supports are provided by the Ministry of Commerce and application authorities are the Ministry of Commerce or Exporters’ Associations.

Who can benefit from these supports? Can sole proprietorship companies benefit from government supports in cross-border e-commerce? This week, Keynes Consultancy Founder Ahmet Emre Bükcü will be our guest to answer all these questions. He will share his knowledge and experience on government supports for cross-border e-commerce.

Which topics will be evaluated in the first cross-border e-commerce webinar series?

  • What are the government supports of the Ministry of Commerce for cross-border e-commerce?
  • What are the conditions to benefit from these supports?
  • What are the importance of brand register and market entrance travel expenses in government supports?
  • What are the domestic and international fair participation fees supporter by the exporters?
  • Which countries and which promotions fees are included in government supports for cross-border e-commerce and which supports are provided under promotion-marketing activities?
  • What are the processes to benefit from government supports?
  • What are the foreign unit establishment supports and conditions?
  • What are the things to consider for report, consultancy and market research for the foreign unit country?

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