Ways to Increase Trust in Online Shopping

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Trust in online shopping is the invisible bond between seller and customer as e-commerce is spreading day by day.

As online shopping gets more widespread day by day, the invisible link between the seller and the customer based on trust is becoming increasingly important. Consumers meet their needs from ready-made clothing to accessories; from furniture to white appliances, from technology to accessories, from grocery shopping to cosmetics, through e-commerce sites.

Trust is a prerequisite for the customers who have the opportunity to order any kind of product from home, office, summer houses, to their destination or to any another address they desire. Especially in cross-border e-commerce, where the shopping is done entirely from other countries, the trust comes to the fore. So, what are the steps to be followed to build this trust?

Ways to Gain Trust in E-Commerce Activities

When a customer physically goes to the store, the first step of the trust is built thanks to the communication among the customer, the brand and the sales staff, but this is different in e-commerce sales. During the sales made without that relationship between the customer and the seller, to make a trustworthy order, the customer should make sure that the credit card information used in the shopping is not shared with third parties. Therefore, all financial and technical rules in e-commerce organizations should be prepared with maximum care and applied faithfully.

Consumers who go to the store have the opportunity to examine the product on-site and see the pros and cons of the product. If the shopping is in the ready-made clothing and accessories categories, the buyer has the chance to try the products before the purchase. However, in order to ensure that the online shoppers who shop at the tablets, computers, and phones have sufficient information about the products, the brand or store websites should be developed to the maximum extent. Return conditions, right of withdrawal, washing procedures of the products, color, material and weight characteristics of the accessories are among the determining factors. Because of this reason, the e-commerce brand’s website, which is the welcoming area for the consumers, is deemed and handled as a store.

Coming Up with Details on Websites

When the internet system, which is considered the roof of cross border e-commerce, is designed with every detail from A to Z, a big portion of the work is completed. Research shows that if the customer visiting the site has a positive first impression, there is a high probability for them to shop from there. It has been observed that the customer who had a good first impression but who did not shop the first time, makes an order the next time of his or her visit. It is an indisputable fact that customers prefer a website where they can easily access the products they are looking for, catch a sense of reliability, see the pricing.

The design of the website, its colors, its logo, the way of expressing itself to the consumers, tag-lines and all other details are of great importance. When the general structure and appearance of the cross border e-commerce site are professional, the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumer increases and interest in the brand increases day by day. To build trust in cross border e-commerce, careful preparation in pricing on the brand’s website is one of the most significant aspects to be considered in detail. It is essential in terms of reliability that there should not be any difference between the first price while browsing and the last price to be paid on the payment section.

It is a known fact that consumers cannot tolerate any additional costs and payments other than packaging and shipping at the time of payment. Therefore, in case of any additional costs, accessory prices and similar charges regarding the product should appear on the product page so as to be seen by the customer from the beginning.

The Explanations are Quite Crucial for Ready-made Clothing and Shoes

In cross-border e-commerce shopping, especially in the ready-made clothing and footwear sales, a very close bond with the customer needs to be established. In addition to the visual design of the site, the descriptive part is of great value. When it comes to clothing products, first of all, clear photoshoots capturing the product from different angles constitute an important part of the job. It is noteworthy that the consumers are able to display the products as if they were on them and perceive the colors very clearly. For example, if a shoe on sale is on the right model with suitable clothing combinations, this will surely increase the sales.

The product description section is one of the most important areas of e-commerce websites. When the size, material, fabric, interior structure, heel length, lining information and many more details of the product offered for sale are shared with consumers in ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and similar areas, the purchase process becomes easier. The cleaning process of the products, the season they belong to, any small details like the origin of the product can be significant for the consumer.

E-Commerce Sales Increase in Home Appliances and Technological Products

Customers now prefer to buy technological products such as computers, phones, tablets, white appliances, and electrical appliances through the internet instead of physically visiting the stores. In this scope, the appearance of these websites with equipped infrastructures facilitates the sale. Websites showing visuals with good quality from various angles, including information with all kinds of technical details stand out by far. The user comments section also serves as a very useful medium for these products.

Here, the price policies of the products and the extra services offered to the consumer affect the customer’s order of preference. In particular, campaigns in white household appliances and small electrical products and gift products offered to customers, create a unique opportunity to highlight the website. Building trust among the consumers and relieving them by comforting them with the presence of a respondent is also among the important details.

The Value of Speed and Quality in Shopping is Undeniable

Providing a large number of customers who would like to meet the grocery needs of their homes and offices online, with a variety of products, quality and reasonable price policy is also crucial. First of all, supermarkets need to have a web design that is very practical, visually rich and appealing to consumer perception. Consumers must be guided correctly, can easily access the products they are looking for, and have the opportunity to select products among multiple choices. Price policy of the products, campaigns, discounts offered to the customers, their tempting and eye-catching presentation are beneficial elements for the seller.

Statements Assuring Trust for the Consumer

Building trust in their potential customers and creating a habit among them constitute an important point for brands to maintain a sustainable policy. E-commerce organizations need to achieve a long-termed activity to build this trust and make the consumers feel it. When clothing item is considered, consumers primarily expect that the purchased good is not worn and torn and arrives with the features he or she ordered. A customer’s priority, who buys electrical household appliances or technological products, is to have well-functioning devices. In grocery shopping, it is also very important that the goods arriving at the door are fresh. It is possible to adapt these requirements for any other kind of products. It is unlikely that an e-commerce brand that cannot provide these conditions will survive in the long run.

Payment and Return Conditions are as Valuable as Product Quality

The consumer, who will purchase a product without establishing a one-to-one relationship, wants to know that he or she can easily return the product if he or she does not like it. To gain the customer’s trust in cross border e-commerce transactions, the trade website should ensure this condition to the consumer and indicate this on its website. It is very important that payment transactions are encrypted with SSL, and in case the 3rd party e-commerce products with high brand reliability are used, this should be clearly stated. In this regard, precision and trust in cross border e-commerce are of gold value for the future of brands.

The Importance of Social Networking Sites

It is an undeniable fact that consumers who rely on e-commerce sites in shopping, use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. In this case, it seems that it is imperative for the brands that meet their consumers through their website to use professionally if at all, at least one or two of such networks. Websites accomplishing this condition take the lead by far in winning customers and are ahead in the race. Consumers’ positive comments about the brand, the recommendations by high-profile account owners about the brand, increase the brand awareness of the websites.

Creating and extending a trustworthy, long-term website is gaining value as a field of work that needs to be handled and built thoroughly. A successful infrastructure, a visual design designed with the right measurements, a convenient pricing policy, and an understanding according to which every detail is elaborated, are among the ways to increase the reliability and success of the e-commerce site.

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