User Experience in Online Store Design

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User experience is the consumer thoughts and behaviours for certain situations.

User experience are the emotions, thoughts and behaviours of a consumer when using a product or service. User experience known as UX includes all stages of product or service. E-commerce user experience is a comprehensive process from finding the online store on search engine, visiting the store, experience in this process, purchasing experience, product and service quality and aftersales service.

As much as product and service quality and properties are important, online store quality and design for customer behaviours is important as well. Just like the negative effect of a bad product, a bad experience in the online store will have a negative effect on user behaviour.

In today’s digital world, your customers will first visit your website to get more information about your firm and products. Designing your website for user experience will make you visible among your competitors and make you successful in brand recognition and sales.

Your online store is your identity and point to meet with your customers. The feeling they get from here is important. Therefore, user satisfaction is the first element to consider in online store design.

What Will A Website Designed for User Experience Bring to You?

A website designed for the target audience is an attractive detail for users. While having a website suitable to user experience, you can gain from users when they spend more time on the website. As a result of this positive conversion, it is inevitable for the consumer to purchase.

It is not enough to follow SEO rules and rank your website higher on search engines. User experience is important as well. Especially the recent algorithm changes of Google considers the website traffic as much as keyword and content quality. The positive effect on the user experience will encourage users to spend more time on your website and your website will rank higher on search engines.

Another important detail in user experience is to minimize the brand problems and emphasize customer satisfaction with customer empathy. Brands with good target audience knowledge can predict the possible problems and work on preventing them. A customer shopping on your website wants seamless, fast and secure shopping. A practical solution to any problem will help increasing customer loyalty and these positive behaviours on customer will increase your brand recognition.

It is known that the best reference is your users. Word-of-mouth marketing entirely depends on customer satisfaction. The way for this satisfaction is a website designed by considering user needs. This will also help you to gain loyal customers.

Things to Consider in Online Design for User Experience

A brand’s website must clearly show the sector, work field and identity to inform users.

In online store design based on user experience, it is necessary to understand the customer and create a practical design model for the customer. Create a general template for user expectations from online shopping website. Generally, users will want trust, fast website, simple structure, correct and sufficient information about the company products and services, sincerity and transparency. Accessibility to users must be highlighted in your design model. Your target should be providing a comfortable environment for the customers so that they can have comfortable and fast shopping experience.

Every product on the website should have easy access, visuals and product descriptions to help and attract users. Buttons on the products and position of these buttons are the simplest factor to draw users to the website and product. For example, the colours that are most attractive for the users can lead your design.

If a website has a complex structure and if a customer is struggling to find what s/he is looking for, customer satisfaction decreases and the customer will not visit that website. If the customer is directed with simple instructions, s/he can easily access what s/he is looking. Not too complicated, simple and clear website design, fast page loading, a good menu and symbol design and feedback from the system are desired by the users.

Small and important changes over time might look good and customers might like these changes. Up-to-date contact information on the website is important for SEO and for customers to reach you for their needs. Secure and fast transactions are the other detail to be considered for user behaviours. Positive comments on products or brand will inject trust to visitors and you can get a good impression.

The target should be marketing the product and leading the customer to buy the product. But if a website design is not suitable for user experience, this will create negative effects.

Sustainable Success with User Experience Analysis

Until this section, we have talked about the importance of user experience in e-commerce and basics of online store design. We have designed our online store for user experience. Are we done? Of course not. User experience is a realistic data bank to lead the way of success. Correctly analysing this data, making renewals and corrections in your store based on these analysis are important for sustainable relationship with target audience.

When online store design is adapted based on user data, we can consider the first stage of implementation as test stage. At this stage, the answer to these questions are important:

  • How long do the visitors stay on the website?
  • Which sections are visited the most?
  • Do they only check the products they are interested in or are they trying to reach more on the website?
  • How many of the visitors move forward to purchasing?
  • How many complete the purchasing?
  • Do the same users shop from your website?
  • Which section has the highest leave-out rate?

The data bank of the digital world provides detailed reports with analysis programs to answer these questions. All you need to do is assess all positive and negative data on your website for user experience and to make necessary improvements for continuous development. This will be one of the most important factors to accelerate you in the road of branding.

Regularly analysing your user experiences will guide you the way to make the changes you want. Also, you can get to know your target audience better and minimize the possible problems. Online store design based on user experience will help you to balance your success graphic with correct and pinpoint improvements and increase your success.

As a result, taking UX or user experience as the basis for the online store design where you will prepare to users in a digital world can increase customer satisfaction, continuity, long-term value perception, brand value, website traffic, brand recognition and sales rates.

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