“First and Only Ministry of Education Approved Cross-Border E-Commerce School in Turkey”

Cross-Border E-Commerce

Training of Instructor

Do you want to have a one-to-one training from exports and become an expert in cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce?

You can learn cross-border e-commerce both at the strategic and operational level and become competent and few instructors in Turkey.

Opportunity to Become Certified Cross-Border E-Commerce Instructor with WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL

Briefly WBS

WORLDEF the first and only international training, event and consultancy organisation in Turkey in cross-border e-commerce ecosystem is intensely collaborating with the UK Ministry of Commerce, Turkish Exporters Assembly and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce. The vision is to transform Turkey into a regional cross-border e-commerce center.

As of 2019, Türkiye İş Bankası has become WORLDEF main business partner and TRT becomes main media sponsor. On the other hand, international companies such as MasterCard, Google, DHL and UPS support WORLDEF.

WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL (WBS) is the first and only e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce school in Turkey approved by the Ministry of National Education. WBS mainly collaborates with exporters’ associations, chambers of industry and commerce, development agencies as well as Turkish Exporters Assembly and Ministry of Commerce. WBS with cross-border e-commerce experts offers online and in-class training for e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce at the basic, intermediate and advanced level. As of 2020, WBS provided cross-border e-commerce training to more than 5 thousand participants.

Companies That Choose Us

About Training Program

In the rapidly developing and digitalising world, the goods and services sales rates in the electronic environment and the number of new companies are increasing every year. This offers opportunities to people who are interested in e-commerce for their career and entrepreneurship. Increasing e-commerce volume requires well-trained and qualified workforce in this field. On the other hand, there are lots of support and resources in our country to support the start-up culture. By using these resources, new e-commerce ideas can turn into successful companies.

E-commerce not only become a new sales channels for SMEs in “pandemic” process, but it also made vital contributions for them to “reach new markets”, “increase basket value” and “increase product variety”.

Cross-border e-commerce is the most practical way to open to global markets. Firms are increasingly choosing cross-border e-commerce. Sales capacity in cross-border markets is exciting the companies. Therefore, the demand for cross-border e-commerce instructors and mentors is increasing.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Instructor Training Program or the training of instructor offered by cross-border e-commerce professionals in WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL is comprehensive. In this training program where all dynamics of cross-border e-commerce is taught, participants can teach e-commerce to their target group, do various in-class activities and improve their career.

Learning Outcomes with Training of Instructor

80+ Hour Professional Cross-Border E-Commerce Training

Opportunity to Become an Instructor in WORLDEF Business School

Mentorship Support


Cross-Border E-Commerce from
A to Z Book

Access on
All Devices

Online and Physical (Hybrid)
Education Model

Unique and Rich

What Does Training Program Have?

1. Online Live Cross-Border E-Commerce Training

10+ Expert Instructors

Unlimited Online Repetition

25+ Curriculum Topics

Comprehensive Cross-Border E-Commerce Training

Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Promotions

Digital Marketing

Sales on Amazon

Payment Systems in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Overseas Incorporation

Logistic & Customs

2. Training of Instructor


Purpose: Participants apply what they learn and gain professional instructor skills.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Instructors and instructor candidates

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Limited with 20 people


  1. Andrology
    1. Concepts About Training
    2. Learning Stages (how do we learn?)
    3. Program Design(Basic)
  • Need Analysis
  • Program Development
  • Planning
  • Application
  • Measurement and Assessment
  1. Preparing Presentation (Basic)
  2. Education & Training Strategy, Methods and Techniques
  • Teaching with presentation (plain narrative)
  • Teaching with finding (QA, discussion, groups discussion)
  • Teaching with research – learning by living (case analysis, role applications, brainstorming, doing/implementing…)
  1. Becoming an Instructor
    1. Properties and Responsibilities of a Good Instructor
  • In terms of participant
  • In terms of in-class teaching behaviour
  • In terms of class management
  • In terms of personality
    1. Instructor Mistakes
    2. Communication Skills
  • Communication process
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication (body language)
    1. Effective Instructing
  • Outside view and assessment
  • Applying Education and Training Techniques (Group study, Brainstorming, Role playing…)
  • Ability to present
  • Voice use
  • Body language use
  • Class/training hall use
  • Participant interaction
  1. Training Process and Class Management
    1. Preparation before training
    2. Training process management
    3. Participant management
    4. Interactivity
  • Keystones for active training
  • Using five senses
  • Learning by participation
  • Learning by living
  • Ensuring active participation since the beginning
  • Attracting attention
  • Hooking
  • Keeping the interest alive
  • Entertaining
  • Being dynamic
  • Making the training memorable
  • Exemplifying
  • Visual coding
  • Effective summary
  • Game examples for training
  • Training game types
  • Warm-up games
  • Repetition and summary games
  • Topic applications
  • How to use games in training
  • Purpose, content, duration, timing


Topic Hour
Module 1 Introduction to E-Commerce 6
E-Commerce Software Infrastructure 6
Customer Relations with Design Thinking 3
Module 2 Cross-Border E-Commerce Basics and Market Analysis 4
Sales in Global Marketplaces 2
Logistic, Customs and Returning Processes in Cross-Border E-Commerce 6
Digital Marketing 16
Case Analysis (Digital Marketing) 1
Module 3 E-Commerce Law 3
E-Commerce Success Stories 3
Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Incentives 1
Case Analysis (Cross-Border E-Commerce Checklist) 3
Module 4 Training of Instructor 1. Day 6
Training of Instructor 2. Day 6
Training of Instructor 3. Day 6
Company Visits and Analysis – 4 Group and 4 Business Visits 6
E-Commerce Growth Plan Presentation and Jury Assessment

                                                                                                                                                       Total: 84 hours


Participants will get

2940 TL worth

as gift.

Sample Certificate for Training

My Instructor Journey

Our participants of Cross-Border E-Commerce Training of Instructor Program will be subjected to “instructor” and “theoretical” exam after theoretical and practical classes. Participants passing this exam will start their instructor career journey in chambers of commerce and industry, development agencies, export unions and companies that want to do cross-border e-commerce first as “WBS Instructor Candidate” then as “WBS Instructor” and “WBS Senior Instructor”.


Are You Offering a Valid Certificate After Training of Instructor Certificate Program?

WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL approved “Instructor Certificate” is issued after Training of Instructor Program. You can join the world of WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL and start your career with “WBS Reference”.

What Are The Certificate Criteria for Being Instructor?

To score 90 or above in Cross-Border E-Commerce exam and to pass the Instructor Exam with jury approval.

Can I Watch The Training On My Phone?

Yes, you can access all online training from your phones, tablets or desktop computers.

How Long Can I Access to Online Training?

You can access online training for 1 year.

Do You Offer Support After Training?

Participants can contact with expert instructors for support and help during training and personal contact them in the following process.

Who Can Join to Training?

  • E-Commerce Professionals
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Education Professionals
  • Academicians, Coaches, Mentors

When I Became a WBS Instructor, Can I Receive “Instructor Wage”?

Our instructors with “WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL Instructor” title can earn a wage depending on the agreement for the training they offer.



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Buraya kadar geldiysen eğitime ilgilisin demek ki. 😊 Eğitim hakkında bilgi almak için, yandaki butondan bize dilediğin zaman ulaşabilirsin. 👉👉👉