The Impact of Voice Command on Online Shopping

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Advances in technology are also changing online shopping trends. Voice shopping is becoming increasingly common in the e-commerce ecosystem. Internet shopping is much easier nowadays.

Nowadays, it became usual for people to shop online and get their needs by door-to-door delivery entering their credit card numbers via computer, smartphone or tablet. Now one can buy even a car by just pushing some buttons on public transport or on the road. Nowadays, this is getting a little more advanced. Because, thanks to the voice systems, everything needed is provided to the customer without using fingers. Reaching to smart assistants and giving them commands is enough for this. Voice assistants for mobile systems like iOS and Android are already ready to help!

Smart Assistants Are Spreading to the World

Users met with the smart assistant concept through Siri. However, very few people used Siri for a long time. Nowadays, technology is advancing to a point that it seems like life will get difficult for those who cannot use a smart assistant system in the near future. It seems that the new era including young and old alike in the technology world will make everyone to choose voice shopping anytime soon. According to research, fifty-five percent of the United States, forty-eight percent of the UK is expected to use smart assistants by 2022.

In this area where smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft, and Cortana are expected to go head to head with each other, they are trying to solve the issue of trust in shopping. Currently, the biggest issue of trust is whether smart assistants make the best price choice. It is expected from brands to pay attention to this matter. E-commerce websites must provide system integrations immediately as offering all services they have in voice research will also become quite valuable.

Studies on Voice Search Still in Progress

Voice search queries are among popular topics. Bringing voice research systems to search engines is not enough. Assistants in smartphones should also be integrated into voice search systems and shopping opportunities immediately. The percentage of voice searches in queries made on Google is increasing day by day. Consumers are expected to prefer to shop online with voice systems rather than typing on the screen in the years to come.

Instead of taking the time to sit and shop in an advancing global world, users are expected to use shopping opportunities provided by smart assistants while walking, running, driving, or even working out at the gym. It seems that this situation will increase consumption while making consumers’ life easier. It is one of the important expectations that consumers will not need to spend extra time to meet their needs thanks to the opportunity of voice shopping and their shopping rates will increase in this way.

Operating Modes of Voice Search Services

Users inquire by reaching voice search services through voice assistant services on their smartphones. Another alternative is giving commands to search engines. In other words, you do not have to type anything. Just like conveying messages orally by using microphones without typing on WhatsApp. To do this, you need to activate the smart assistant first. You can communicate with the assistant in question-answer form. The assistant searches the commands closest to your expressions, and highlights them, then responds to you. At this point, you should check whether your smartphone and the assistant you use to meet your needs and if you need to use this feature, you should choose your assistant and phone accordingly.

SEO Activities of E-Commerce Companies

They need to revise their e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce websites in a way that is suitable for voice shopping and voice commands in terms of content. Making extensive changes and system analysis and expanding their content works as well as their technological equipment are among those novelties considered appropriate. Synchronization of search engines and websites and the timely and complete implementation of information updates will constitute an important point. Synchronizing the pricing, location and other systems with voice searches is one of the essential goals of companies and websites. Synchronizing every detail which can be valuable for consumers with voice assistants during the submission of special offers to websites seems to bring the websites of the companies accomplishing this to a higher position.

Alteration of Content Language for Customers

Until today, the use of an SEO-oriented didactic language on e-commerce websites was sufficient. However, with the introduction of smart assistants and voice shopping opportunities, there is a consensus on the necessary changes to be made in the language and making it more natural and fluent. Google is moving forward to diversify sentence structures and keywords day by day. It is necessary, from the user’s perspective, to use intonation similar to the language used by the users. Brands’ making the language they use on their websites more effective, converting keywords into verbal intonation instead of didactic intonation, and translating texts into a simpler and natural daily language can stand out the websites on voice search and shopping.

Developing Empathy and Finding Common Language

The brand’s development of a language that is compatible with the intonation of customers on the website they have, as well as the adoption of an empathy-oriented system are among the steps that will get them to the top. For this reason, it is important that they initiate studies that provide maximum empathy with customers. In this way, this will make it easier for them to integrate answers to all questions about their products and keywords into their websites. When the content can answer the questions and consumers find their solutions on websites, they will return to those websites lissomly. At this point, it is useful for cross-border e-commerce websites to observe their products objectively.

The answers to the following questions are important;

  • What questions would they ask themselves if they were buyers, not sellers?
  • What were their objectives when designing or placing products on the website?
  • What needs of the consumer do they intend to meet?
  • What aspects do they focus on their products?
  • What is the service they want to give to their customers?
  • What distinguishes them from their competitors?

Mobile Compatibility of E-commerce Websites

The mobile compatibility of e-commerce websites is quite important at this point. Because users usually do their online shopping through mobile applications. There are researches confirming that most of the people using the e-shopping system especially in Turkey carry out their transactions through their smartphones. The mobile compatibility of e-commerce websites will directly influence customer expectations and experiences. Keywords and long-tail keywords are also among the most important issues for cross-border e-commerce websites to stand out amongst search engines. Creating keywords in which consumers have the habit of using in their daily language, increases the level of preference of websites. With the increasing opportunities for shopping with voice command systems, the keywords in cross-border e-commerce websites will gain more importance.

As a result;

Within the scope of all the above, it can be seen that e-commerce is moving in a different direction in the world and every day is witnessing greater progress than the day before. At this point, synchronizing with the language of the technology world is the golden rule of being successful in this world! Being in the field of cross-border e-commerce requires development in production quality, reliance, security, velocity, suitability to technologic developments and similar parameters.

For this reason, e-commerce sites;

  • It should be constantly updated,
  • It should work smoothly,
  • There should be no security problems,
  • Must be mobile compatible,
  • Correct voice assistant service should be provided,
  • Necessary integrations for voice shopping should be provided.

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