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Welcome to www.worldef.net website prepared by Worldef Global Organizasyon (thereby referred as Worldef). Access to webpages on this website and using the information on these websites shall be subjected to following rules and terms. By using this website and services on this website, you accept and agree that these terms of use are binding and applicable.
Worldef reserves the right to change, update or remove any service, product, program or terms of use on www.worldef.net without any prior notice. When you continue to use this website, you accept these changes.


All content, programs and training material on this website belong to Worldef and Content Providers.


All content, training and software (material) on www.worldef.net website are subjected to the following terms.
1. You can only use material on this website for personal education and learning.
2. ALL PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND WRITTEN TEXTS ON THIS WEBSITE ARE PROTECTED UNDER 5846 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND ARTWORK LAW, 554 PROTECTION OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN DECREE LAW, 556 PROTECTION OF BRANDS DECREE LAW. Under 5846 Intellectual Property and Art Work Law, copyright of a work belongs to the owner. Interactive material on worldef.net cannot be entirely or partially used, distributed, multiplied, copied or published without reference. Website users accept all abovementioned liabilities on intellectual rights.
3. Users cannot entirely or partly own any material and content with or without any change.
4. Material and content on this website cannot be used or copied for any purpose including publishing without prior consent from Worldef.
5. This website cannot be published in any other domain with “mirror” or “frame” technique without the prior written consent of Worldef.
6. This website cannot be redirected with another page or linked with a splash page or any other method.


If you need to create membership or open an account to use any service on this website, you must complete all required information in the membership form with complete and correct information. In case of any change in this information, you accept to update any related segment by changing your old information with your new information. If you use these services on behalf of your employer, you will be deemed to have been authorized to accept these terms of use on his/her behalf You are liable to protect your password(s). Furthermore, you accept and confirm that you are the sole liable party from any operations in your account. By reading this agreement, you accept to immediately notify Worldef if you lose your password or if there is misuse. Worldef shall not be held liable for any damages arising from using your Worldef account or password by other parties. However, if WORLDEF or another person or organization is harmed by the use of your account or password by another person, you may be held liable for such damage. It is strictly forbidden to use another account without the consent of the account owner.


Customer can return live class service 7 days after receiving online under the following conditions.

Participated class (if any) + 10% system usage fee and the commission fee is deducted and the remaining amount is refunded.

Customer can return asynchronous class (video, presentation, document) service 7 days after receiving online under the following conditions. If customers use this service in 7 days, they cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal.

WORLDEF can detect if asynchronous class (video, presentation, document) content is viewed and customers accept this in advance. Customer who views the content meets necessary to use. Since the customer obtained a sales product in this form, it is not possible to use the right of withdrawal.


Unless otherwise stated by a separate agreement between Worldef and you, all content, software and services are provided as-is and shall not be subjected to any guarantee under fitting any purpose or in other terms.
WORLDEF cannot be held liable for any damage directly or indirectly incurred by you or another third party through access to this website or the use of this website or any other linked website or services contained therein.


Third-party materials on this website might contain source code or software in program run form. The provisions of the “WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER” section above apply to all third party material on this website.





This worldef.net End User Licence Agreement (thereby referred as “AGREEMENT”) is executed between Internext Yazılım Eğitim ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. (thereby referred as “Worldef”) and USER (in this AGREEMENT, “USER” statement refers to YOU) for rights and liabilities worldef.net (hereby referred as “worldef.net”) that offers training in IT, Professional development, Finance, Personal development, Hobby and Foreign Language training categories for certain licence fee limited to package usage type, scope and conditions for the package selected by USER on worldef.net website (www.worldef.net), worldef.net membership and worldef.net usage. (All updates by Worldef at any time that will be published on worldef.net website are included under this AGREEMENT)
In this AGREEMENT, Worldef and USERs are referred to as PARTIES.
When USER clicks on “Sign Up” button on worldef.net website to complete membership and/or starts to use worldef.net, s/he accepts and agrees to read this AGREEMENT on the electronic environment and accepts all provisions of this AGREEMENT. If the USER does not accept this AGREEMENT, s/he shall not sign up to or use worldef.net.
Accepting this AGREEMENT under the authorisation of a legal entity shows that the signing party has the authority to do this action. In case of unauthorised acceptance of this AGREEMENT, unauthorised individual and the related legal entity shall be liable for all legal sanctions expressed in this AGREEMENT.


Legal owners of intellectual property of worldef.net sections and content, programs, work obtained with or via worldef.net are third parties including but not limited to Worldef, affiliates and subsidiaries and/or Worldef content, environment or platform providers. USER shall not commit any act to infringe intellectual rights of third parties including Worldef and/ affiliates, subsidiaries and/or Worldef content, environment or platform suppliers.
USER shall only have individual usage licence on worldef.net after registration to the system. With this AGREEMENT, usage licence shall provide USER yo access to worldef.net under rights and limitations provided under this AGREEMENT and limited running, viewing and usage right. Under this AGREEMENT, Worldef provides simple (non-exclusive) usage licence to USER to use worldef.net and accompanying documents.
USER agrees and accepts not to change, adapt, translate, sell any element of content on worldef.net; prepare any derivatives from this content/product/service; change the organisation of this content/product/service; use any content, visuals, clips, music work or composition used under this AGREEMENT in any other platform or case; avoid reverse engineering to change the product or integrity of the content. USER cannot entirely or partially download or save worldef.net to his/her computer or generate partial/complete copies of worldef.net. Regardless of the purpose, the USER shall not open such copies to use, benefit or information of other parties.
USER accepts not to remove, hide or change any rights and copyrights, trademarks or other registration marks of right-owner third parties including and related with worldef.net, Worldef or Worledef content, environment or platform suppliers.
Under this AGREEMENT, USER accepts not to directly or indirectly, completely or partially disclose any content during worldef.net use including but not limited to third parties right owners such as Worldef content, environment and platform suppliers and other third parties outside the system.
All rights related with Worldef, Worldef services, Worldef information, Worldef intellectual property work, Worldef trademark, Worldef trade products or any other material and intellectual property right including assets, real and individual rights, commercial knowledge and know-how are reserved.
If the USER fails to follow undertakings and obligations under this provision, USER shall be the sole responsible party from any third-party firm, institution and demands and USER shall be liable to pay all expenses including but not limited to compensation, court expenses and layer expenses incurred to Worldef arising from third party damages.


3.1. Non-Commercial Use

All content provided on worldef.net is for non-commercial individual use only. USER cannot directly or indirectly publish, copy, multiply, process, change, distribute this content or show/listen in public areas.
It is strictly forbidden for USER to use, show and/or listen to content provided by worldef.net in public environments. USER cannot have direct or indirect income or similar benefit from using worldef.net.
USER cannot make any intervention to offer worldef.net to the use of others. worldef.net cannot be used on multiple computers, work stations and/or servers.
USER can access “www.worldef.net” or any other future website under worldef.net package usage rights. USER is deemed to accept package usage rights when s/he accepts this AGREEMENT. Therefore, please read the package information carefully from related addresses. Worldef reserves the right to change any right including membership rights provided under USER use rights. USER shall not, actor, intervene to damage, prevent access, overload, damage Worldef or its content, environment, platform supplier websites, goods and services, software, data or database or use worldef.net to prevent third parties to use Worldef services. USER cannot assign, transfer, rent, sell and/or present any rights given with this AGREEMENT to any third party without the prior written consent of Worldef. Use of worldef.net shall always be subjected to terms and conditions in this AGREEMENT.

3.2. Appropriate Use

USER accepts to use worldef.net under all domestic and international regulations, internet usage laws and rules.
USER shall not permit or encourage any third party to use worldef.net in an illegal, put-of-purpose, inappropriate or fraudulent way, encourage participating to such actions, infringe this AGREEMENT as revised in any time and make third parties use the rights given to USER by this AGREEMENT. Worldef shall have the right to terminate this AGREEMENT if USER undertakes any of these actions. In this case, all other legal rights of Worldef are reserved.


Worldef might provide links to third-party sellers, providers and other third party websites and/or portals outside the control of Worldef. These links might have been provided by Worldef for ease of reference and shall not bear any declaration or guarantee to support any individual/website/content on the related website. Worldef has no liability about portals, websites, folders and content accessed on these websites via these “links” or services, products or content provided by or on these portals or websites.
Worldef can use USER information or membership related USER information indefinitely for USER safety, execute Worldef’s own liabilities and some statistical assessments. These could be classified on a database and stored indefinitely.
USER and Worldef are legally independent parties. There is no partnership, representation or employee-employer relationship between them.
Worldef can change worldef.net and documentation without prior notice.
Worldef can remove worldef.net that you freely access or make this service a paid service without prior notice.
Worldef can contact the user, send advertisement and/or notification to the user by using the contact information of the user-provided during sign up process or used in on-site operations. User can remove this permit by using Newsletter Membership under “My Account” connection.


USER accepts not to use all worldef.net data or other materials (a) to infringe third party rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights), (b) damage or disrupt hardware or (c) send or transfer harmful content to third party computer systems, network or equipment. In the event that the USER acts otherwise, the USER irrevocably indemnifies, accepts and commits to being responsible from any lawsuits, damage and harm demands by third parties, to exclude Worldef from any lawsuits, complaints and similar events and to revoke all compensations arising from such conditions in the event that Worldef faces any lawsuit to be filed by third parties and to pay compensation, damages and costs incurred on demand of Worldef in a single sum.


All required computer hardware and communication hardware to access and/or use worldef.net shall be provided and maintained by USER. The user indemnifies, accepts and commits to using and have REQUIRED HARDWARE WITH MINIMUM TECHNICAL PROPERTIES STATED ON WORLDEF.NET WEBSITE TO and not to held Worldef responsible from any software-hardware inconsistency, any damages arising from such inconsistency and accepts that obligations of Worldef are limited with a usage licence.


worldef.net in this AGREEMENT as AN EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT PRODUCT is a supplementary product developed to consolidate knowledge of teachers and students from main resources and Worldef does not guarantee any execution or service level guarantee of worldef.net under “as is” principals. Worldef does not entirely guarantee scientific or interpretive correctness of the content on worldef.net. Worldef shall not be held responsible if worldef.net fails to directly serve of USER purposes.
Worldef shall not be held responsible for any problems or damages on the USER side when content on worldef.net are used.
USER accepts to use all content provided on worldef.net at his/her own needs and by accepting all possible risks. USER shall be deemed the sole responsible for any data loss or computer system damages related with or caused by Worldef content and Worldef shall have no liability in this respect.
Worldef does not guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted service by worldef.ent and does not undertake any service or performance level. Effective use of worldef.net and all consequences of such use is under the liability of USER and Worldef shall not be held responsible from any direct or indirect damages arising from incomplete, missing or inexpedient use of worldef.net. Worldef shall not be held responsible from (a) any losses or damages caused by any content provided on worldef.net or any errors, damages or problems in any music, visuals, photographs, software, equipment or content; (b) any intellectual property right infringement caused by USER on worldef.net. Worldef has the right to change, remove and/or add any content at its sole discretion.
Worldef cannot be held responsible for any material and/or immaterial and/or direct and/or indirect damage that could be caused by worldef.net version update.
Worldef shall not be held liable from any material, immaterial, direct and/or indirect damage arising from legally prohibited use or illegal use of worldef.net.
Worldef cannot be held responsible for any material and/or immaterial and/or direct and/or indirect damage that could be caused by illegal content or damages arising from worldef.net use on Worldef side.
Worldef cannot be held responsible for any material and/or immaterial and/or direct and/or indirect damage that could be caused by unexpected technological developments.
worldef.net is not a custom-made product for the specific purposes of the USER and designed as an educational support product and presented to the USER’S PREFERENCE. Financial or profit that may arise due to the use or inability to use worldef.net, failure of a business, disruption of business, loss of information/data/files / images, and the like. Worldef shall not be liable for any and / or non-moral and / or direct and / or indirect damages.
In any case, all damages that might arise due to worldef.net shall be limited with the licence fee, if any, for any obligation of Worldef under this AGREEMENT.


Worldef can change or amend this AGREEMENT arbitrarily and at its own discretion at any suitable moment. Amended provisions of this AGREEMENT shall be valid when announced on worldef.net website and USER is deemed to accept this AGREEMENT amendment when these amendments are published on Worldef website. Users are recommended to view this AGREEMENT on a regular basis to be notified about such amendments. Remaining provisions will continue to be valid and bear legal consequences. This AGREEMENT cannot be changed by a unilateral declaration of USER.


Under any legal “force majeure” conditions, Worldef shall not be liable of late, imperfect execution or failure of performance of any provisions in this AGREEMENT. In such late, imperfect execution or failure of performance or failure to meet obligations by Worldeff, the user shall not demand compensation from Worldef. “Force majeure” term shall include but not limited to natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet problems, power cuts, extreme weather and any event that cannot be avoided by Worldef under maximum efforts shown to prevent such cases.


USER is deemed to accept all provisions in this AGREEMENT after using worldef.net or accepting this AGREEMENT and this AGREEMENT shall be valid indefinitely.
Starting from the date USER start using worldef.net or accepts this AGREEMENT, USER accepts and undertakes to immediately compensate any damage or harm on Worldef and/or 3rd parties in case of any infringing acts for rights and obligations stated in this AGREEMENT or in case of completing undertakings.
Under this AGREEMENT and worldef.net usage rights of USER under this AGREEMENT, (a) termination of worldef.net usage by USER and termination of the membership based on membership termination instructions, (b) any conditions occurring that could be deemed as a valid termination of AGREEMENT, (c) termination of membership agreement between USER and Worldef to terminate for any reason shall make this AGREEMENT null and void without any warning.
If this AGREEMENT or worldef.net usage right under this AGREEMENT shall be terminated for any reason;
If USER cancels his/her worldef.net package on his/her demand, Worldef shall immediately end USER licence without any refund.
If USER violates any provisions in this AGREEMENT, Worldef has the right to immediately terminate this AGREEMENT and end USER worldef.net access right and licence right provided by this AGREEMENT or at its own discretion notify the USER to correct the problem within 10 (ten) days otherwise this AGREEMENT shall be terminated. If the problem is not corrected within the given timeframe, Worldef has the right to terminate this AGREEMENT with written notice.
Worldef reserves the right to terminate USER worldef.net usage licence unilaterally without prior notice in the case on clear legal infringement or in case of a criminal act.
USER accepts, declares and undertakes to delete all types of content, information, music, visuals and other content from all computers and/or storage units under his/her ownership, management or control when demanded by Worldef after terminating this AGREEMENT.


This AGREEMENT, execution, interpretation, legal relationships arising from provisions of this AGREEMENT and any dispute arising from this AGREEMENT shall be subjected to Turkish law. PARTIES accept ANKARA Courts and Enforcement Offices as the solely authorised institution in case of any dispute arising from this AGREEMENT.


All topics related with the correctness of Worldef One Password and other information when creating membership on worldef.net or in any operation afterwards, safety, storage, keeping third party information safe and usage of such information is under sole liability of the USER and Worldef shall not be held liable from incorrect USER information and/or access to USER information by third parties. Worldef shall have no direct or indirect liability for any damage on USER and/or third parties arising from safety, storage of worldef.net access tools (username and password) or keeping third party information safe. Within this scope, the USER shall have no damage or compensation demand from Worldef under any circumstances. Worldef Privacy Policy for the protection of personal information is on Privacy and Safety page on http://www.worldef.net website.
USER accepts and undertakes to store this AGREEMENT and all information about Worldef secret regardless of termination of this AGREEMENT.


In case of any questions about worldef.net or this AGREEMENT, you can contact to Worldef Customer Services via 0 850 885 05 52.


USER shall not transfer this AGREEMENT or rights under this AGREEMENT to another individual or institution.
USER accepts that Worldef can assign right unilaterally or transfer rights and obligations of Worldef under this AGREEMENT to third party/individual/institution without the concept of USER or make sub-agreements.
Worldef shall not deem to wavier the rights if rights under this AGREEMENT are delayed, postponed or partially executed. Infringements of provisions in this AGREEMENT or waiver related to obligations under this AGREEMENT shall not enter in force if organised in written format or signed by the waiving party. Waiver from any infringements or obligations shall not mean a waiver of later infringements or obligations.
If any provision of this AGREEMENT is deemed invalid or inapplicable by any court and/or authorised institutions, remaining provisions of this AGREEMENT shall continue to be valid or applicable. If the court or authorised institution deem one or some provisions of this AGREEMENT inapplicable, Worldef shall amend these provision(s) compliant with imperative provision while enabling PARTIES to access the purposes stated in this AGREEMENT or deem this inapplicable provision(a) outside the scope of this AGREEMENT and validate the remaining provisions of this AGREEMENT.
Worldef reserves the right to take all the legal action if the USER violates any provision of this AGREEMENT.