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As in all business fields and operation modelling, correct target market identification in cross-border e-commerce is the first and most important thing to increase the chances for success for your start-up. Supplying the right product to the right market in the right way are among the things to consider for sales numbers, brand recognition and profitability.

What Is Target Market, Competitor and Product Analysis? Which Information Do I Provide?

Those who want to operate abroad often ask, “Will this product sell?”. If the answer is “Yes”, it will be followed by “How?” and “From which price?”. At this moment, the greatest support will come from target market, competitor and product analysis.

For the target market, a clear analysis report with total and firm size, the share of the category in e-commerce, annual and monthly growth and change rates, whether there is a dominant competitor, the position of the competitors and suitability of the current products to the market are presented . All of these analysis data are confirmed and concluded results obtained from international institutions. This data provided by globally reputable institutions such as Intracen, Statista etc. will offer the chance to evaluate whether to enter the market, target audience in the market as well as pricing and product design. The companies will have the chance to shift limited resources in the most effective way possible, minimise operational costs and to succeed in a competitive market.

Target Market, Competitor and Product Analysis Target

Faster and Lower Cost Market Entrance by Correct Region and Audience Targeting:

By evaluating these analyses, it is possible to identify a good starting point, clearly assess competitors, take action for activities to stand out in the competition and most importantly better predict growth, profitability and operational costs with investments costs and recent performance of the market.

All data in the reports are prepared by comparing paid and free data provided by international institutions. All data are used after verifying accuracy.

Depending on the connection between the target region and global connection, there might be slight changes in the analysis; however, these analyses are prepared by directly considering the region and product/product groups. Let’s explain this with an example: If we take a jean manufacturer and seller firm analysis: There are Global analysis – Analysis for Europe – Analysis for Germany; we list from general to detail and provide information about sales numbers, the import rates of the country and region and the share of e-commerce channels in product sales.



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