Selling on Etsy – Online Handmade Product Selling Guide

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What do you need to do to sell on Etsy? How can you use Etsy seller store? How can you open an Etsy seller store? What are the tips to sell products on Etsy?

Selling on Etsy is a privilege compared to other marketplaces. There are various online marketplaces. Etsy is a special marketplace to sell handmade products online. You need to create a seller acount and manage this account based on certain rules to sell on Etsy which is the most practical way to sell second-hand or handmade products. What do you need to do to sell on Etsy? How can you use Etsy seller store? How can you open an Etsy seller store? What are the tips to sell products on Etsy? The answers for these questions and many more are in our article…

How To Create An Etsy Store?

These processes are easy on Etsy. Therefore, the platform is the number one choice of millions of sellers. Etsy is the most ideal marketplace for those who want to sell handmade products rapidly. In this article, you can find all the information about things to consider to sell on Etsy! The first step to sell on Etsy is to open a seller store. This process is simple and easy. All you need to do is to follow to steps to find answer to how can I open a store on Etsy question…

  • Subscribe!

First, you need to be an Etsy member to open an online store. If you have an Etsy account, you can now open a seller store.

  • Create your store!

Etsy has buyers and sellers from different countries around the world and the platform will guide you for creating online store, language and currency selection. With language and location selection on Etsy, the chance for your listed products to reach the potential customers in the target market will be higher. Additionally, creating an Etsy page is one of the most practical ways to expand to global marketplaces.

  • Choose a store name!

The Etsy store name is one of the most critical selections. On Etsy, each store owner must use a unique name which is not used before. You can add “store” or “boutique” words at the end of your store name. The important thing in store name selection is to choose an interesting, memorable name that represents the products.

  • List products!

After the store name is approved by Etsy, you can start listing your products. Upload the pictures of the products you want to sell. Write detailed and attractive descriptions for each product. If necessary, take professional content support. Because product descriptions are extremely important to be highlighted on Etsy. Product descriptions are the most important opportunities to attract the attention of the shoppers and show the product properties. At the same time, product descriptions should explain product size, materials and other attractive properties. When the descriptions are completed, tag the products with keywords to make them visible on Etsy search.

  • Choose the best price!

Another stage for selling on Etsy is to choose the product prices. Etsy and similar websites have different commissions for sale. Therefore, when you set your prices, you need to consider the Etsy seller fees. Etsy takes fee from product listing, sales and payment. Therefore, it is important to know the share of Etsy from product sales. Price your products strategically. This way, you can sell your product with its real value.

Etsy Commissions – Etsy Pricing Structure

Etsy is the most practical way to sell unique handmade products in global markets!

You need to pay some fees to collect payment from Etsy or become Etsy owner. Etsy commissions and Etsy pricing structure are as follows:

  • Etsy listing fee

Etsy collects 20 cent per product to list the products. Etsy product listing fee enables listing the products on the website for 4 months. If the product is not sold in this time, you can pay 20 cents to automatically renew listing.

  • Etsy transaction fee

You need to pay commission to Etsy selling processes like other online marketplaces. Actually, these are the commission payments to use the online marketplace. Etsy takes 5% commission fee from total product price including packing or delivery costs.

  • Etsy payment transaction fee

Etsy collects Etsy payment transaction fees for payment. For example, if a customer uses Etsy direct payment option rather than digital payment systems such as PayPal, Etsy collects Etsy payment transaction fee. This fee is 3% of the total product price plus 25 cents. For example, if a product is 100 dollars, Etsy payment transaction fee is 3.25 dollars.

  • PayPal fees

Etsy demands a fee if a buyer purchases the product via PayPal. PayPal fees are 2.9% of transaction value plus fixed 30 cent per transaction.

  • Etsy delivery fee

To sell on Etsy, shipment tag fee for USPS, FedEx and Canada Post delivery are collected. These fees depend on origin and destination. It is important to consider the shipment costs when determining pricing and shipment policies. These things should be considered when payment and shipment policies are determined: accepted payment forms, shipment duration and cost, return payment and product change policies, customs fee for international purchases.

  • Etsy ad fee

Etsy is a highly popular online marketplace for selling. To increase your visibility on Etsy, you need to highlight your products with certain keywords. Etsy demand ad fee for this optional option. You need to price your products strategically to avoid any negative impact on your profitability. Let’s assume you are selling portraits or paintings and want to profit 25 dollars per product. You need to determine the listing price accordingly for this profit. Especially you need to consider the costs to make these portraits!

  • Etsy costs

If we continue from the example above, materials, work hours, various costs can be the costs for unique portraits. The formula is Materials + Labour + Costs + Profit = Retail Price. For example, let’s assume that the paint and canvas for a portrait is 10 US dollars. You spend three hours on the portrait and your hourly fee is approximately 25 dollars. Let’s assume you pain in your empty bedroom. Your costs which are Etsy fees, listing fee, transaction fee, payment transaction fee and shipment fee is 10 US dollars. Your total expense will be 20.85 dollars. Your pricing should be as follows: 10 dollars + 75 dollars + 20.85 dollars + 25 dollars = Total 130.85 dollars…

Click for Etsy fees!

Tips to Sell on Etsy

One of the key points to sell on Etsy is attractive and high-quality product photography!

If you thing the structure of Etsy, Etsy has more than 2 million active sellers. You need to know certain complementary services such as marketing, creating brand awareness and customer services to distinguish yourself and to compete.

You need to be careful about the following for the success of Etsy store:

  • Add attractive photos

One of the key points to sell on Etsy is attractive and high-quality product photography! Try different light settings for the products to get the best product photography results. Choose different camera angles and background. This will help to find the most ideal photography style for your brand. Once you show your photography style, you can follow a consistent road.

  • Turn your business into a brand

Etsy is an ideal place to become a brand among global market customers. For branding, design your Etsy store to reflect your visual style and products. You need to create special banners, avatar and background image to raise brand awareness.

  • Focus on customers

Today, online shoppers have lots of options. Etsy alone has millions of sellers! Focus on your customers so that they will choose you in this large competition; be transparent, solve their problems and answer their questions in a short time. Additionally, you need to honest with the delivery time. Try to be realistic about product photos!

  • Contact with similar sellers

If you need inspiration for your Etsy store, Etsy Teams is the meeting place for sellers with common areas of interest. You can collaborate with the people thinking in the same way and find answers to your questions. As a result, more successful Etsy store will bring better and more enjoyable sales experience.

  • Use social media strategically

Etsy recommends using the power of social media to promote your products beyond markets. You can share your product and brand information on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and enable your potential buyers to discover your products.

As a result:

Selling on Etsy is one of the most popular cross-border e-commerce options of the recent years. There are cons and pros of selling on Etsy. But if you are an artist, opening a store on Etsy will be an ideal option for you. You can open Etsy store fast and easily. You can guide your potential customers in the global market to your Etsy store that you list your specific products. You can share your Etsy store product link on your social media accounts!

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