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A Global Actor in E-Commerce: Great Britain

E-commerce has become the main topic of discussion for every company. The companies have found out the importance of e-commerce and digitalization during the Covid-19 process. During the pandemic, companies with an e-commerce infrastructure have taken the lead. E-commerce is growing at a great rate. For this reason, I see the pandemic as a milestone for e-commerce. From now on there will be concepts such as “e-commerce before the pandemic” and “e-commerce after the pandemic”!

E-commerce data from 2020 will astonish everyone. An unexpected emergency, such as the pandemic, has turned every expectation upside down and there was an unexpected increase as a result. This situation proves that every company has to invest more in e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce. Companies with e-commerce operations have to take precautions according to recent developments. Companies that have never done e-commerce or crossborder e-commerce have to act according to the idea that it is “better to lose the saddle than the horse” and enter the e-commerce ecosystem as soon as possible. Other than that, the e-commerce and crossborder e-commerce ecosystem in Turkey have to follow the global actors closely. They need that to see the numbers of these global actors, their investments, their adaptation to new trends and the chances offered in these markets.

Looking at this window, we’ve aimed to contribute to the ecosystem with the “United Kingdom E-Commerce Market – Market Research Report” that we’ve prepared with WORLDEF ENTERPRISE and Fortune Turkey. I hope that this report offers the projection and vision to enter the British market to the e-commerce ecosystem. In a market that has constant improvement, which is shown by data, there are many opportunities in many sectors. For example, the exchange difference in the United Kingdom is a great advantage, which is a favorable market in many product categories. According to data from Statista, in the British e-commerce market, the average mobile shopping basket is 86 pounds, and the average desktop shopping basket is 92 pounds. Due to the exchange difference, we see this as a great opportunity for the Turkish e-commerce industry.

Looking from another angle, United Kingdom is one of the most important commercial actors in the Western world. United Kingdom also has many important roles in world politics and diplomacy. One of the five permanent members in the U.N. Security Council, United Kingdom is also a founding member of NATO. Although U.K. withdrew from the European Union with Brexit, U.K. still keeps its economic and political roles. On top of that, United Kingdom has the most developed e-commerce market in Europe. On sectoral basis, wholesale and manufacturing are the largest two industrial sectors with the most e-commerce sales. In 2019, online sales made up almost 20% of retail sales. This year, it is expected that it will be much higher due to the coronavirus.

In the light of these data, United Kingdom market is really important to us. In this context, we have focused on the British e-commerce market in the World E-Commerce Forum that we’ve organized online for the first time in May 16, 2020. In the online forum, we have hosted approximately 6 thousand companies from 34 countries, from United Kingdom particularly. There were more than two thousand video calls.

“United Kingdom E-Commerce Market – Market Research Report”, prepared by WORLDEF ENTERPRISE and Fortune Turkey, will be a great reference for the ecosystem. In the report, many topics are discussed in detail from internet usage in United Kingdom to popular marketplaces, from shipping companies to payment systems. The report is supported with graphics specific to United Kingdom.

I give my thanks to all who have worked in this report. WORLDEF and Fortune Turkey will continue to collaborate in future reports.

We still have too much to do in the ecosystem!

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Report Titles

UK Government

Internet Use in the UK

Comparison with Other European Countries

UK Economy Overview

Comparison of UK and European Economies

E-Commerce Platforms and Online Marketplaces

Comparative Economy of Turkey and the UK

Parcel Delivery Companies

E-Commerce in the UK

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