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Global pandemic Covid-19 necessitated innovation in both our social life and work life. These new conditions created the “new normal”. This new process characterised with both global and national level changes brought the new preparation for disaster and crisis scenario to the agenda. Now, our pandemic scenarios for these types of situations will be on our shelves.

To contribute to this process, our cross-border e-commerce company WORLDEF Enterprise prepared a report with the collaboration of Fortune Turkey on the effects of Covid-19 on e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce. This report includes data and predictions for the new period. What is waiting for us in this new period?

This process will push the states and governments to revise their global visions. Almost all countries will take a new position for globalisation and evaluate its position as well as the position of others. Leaders will also reconsider their policies within this context. Due to supply and logistic problems experienced in this period, states will focus on new ways and methods to develop their own resources. They will push the limits in various fields especially in medicine, cyberinfrastructure, energy and natural resources.

Company management will be highly affected by Covid-19 pandemic. It seems inevitable for the traditional organisation structure to change. While remote working will become widespread, the collaboration economy will become stronger.

Pandemic-suitable new business models are developed in every sector from real-estate to retail and fast consumption. Technology companies, social networks and digital platforms are becoming more important. Now, digital applications will be visible among the new generation instead of traditional business. This generation will question the tendency to purchase a real-estate. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, wearable technology, robots, advanced software and auxiliary devices will be the closest friends of the new generation in business processes. One of the most important effects of the pandemic is visible in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce field. It is estimated that e-commerce will increase the sales rate of traditional retail by two to three times. Because the number of individuals choosing e-commerce is increasing. National and global e-commerce sales rates will be above predictions for this year and in the following years. We will hear e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce more in every field of life and commerce.

Cash used in commerce and shopping will decrease all around the world. Instead of physical currencies with a high risk of virus transmission, there is a trend in digital currencies and wallets. It is necessary to predict an acceleration to transmission to digital currencies which have experienced increased use in recent years.

After the pandemic, we will say new things in the economy, commerce, social life and politics. We will get used to normal life and we will experience more new normal. Moreover, we will discuss personal data safety more often. We will face a world with chips when we run away from the virus. We will increase our compromises in social isolation. We will get used to living with limited social options. We will build more villas. We will carry our events to online platforms and we will get familiar with online training.

I hope that this report that assessed the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce will support you to understand the rapid change, create your roadmap and contribute to your work. I would like to thank our Main Business Partner Türkiye İş Bankası and other stakeholders PTS Express and T-Soft.

In short, the world stage is changing rapidly. Those who can’t fit this change will no longer be on the stage in the new period. Those who want to change will always see us by their side.

Good luck to all…


WORLDEF Chairman

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