Reach Etsy Sales Targets with Etsy Training

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Etsy is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces based in the United States of America (USA). It is important to get Etsy training from Etsy experts to sell on Etsy. Etsy training plays a key role in successful sales in this giant marketplace. Which paths should you follow to sell products on Etsy? Which systems are used to collect payments from Etsy? Is Etsy Payoneer use easy? Etsy training is necessary to learn the answers to these questions and more. You can find everything you want to know about Etsy in this article?

Which products can be sold on Etsy?

Sales processes on Etsy are different than other large online marketplaces like Amazon and e-Bay. The difference of Etsy is to focus on handmade products, nostalgic pieces and artwork. Products on Etsy are divided into various categories including jewellery, accessory, clothing, shoe, home decor, wedding and party, art and collectables. If you are making your own product, if you are contributing to the product and if your product is art, you can sell on Etsy shopping website. Another important property about Etsy is that large-scale corporate firms cannot sell on Etsy. Only small-scale boutique firms and individual sellers can sell on Etsy.

Why Should You Choose Selling on Etsy?

Etsy looks like an ideal marketplace for individual cross-border e-commerce.

Should you use Etsy or a standard e-commerce website? If you are a talented artist, selling your products on Etsy is the right thing for you… Now, you can be an entrepreneur artist. If you are new in selling on Etsy, there are Etsy training for this purpose!

Etsy is the largest and most popular e-commerce website for the artist that produce handmade products, housewives or antique sellers and it is an ideal marketplace for individual cross-border e-commerce. Etsy has various advantages. Etsy could be an ideal option for artists that worry about creating their own e-commerce website. Well, why should you choose Etsy?

  • There are thousands of sellers on Etsy and there are half a million customers around the world.
  • Etsy has a lower commission that various marketplaces.
  • Etsy shopping website has easy and functional interface and it is a user-friendly marketplace.
  • Product listing on Etsy and accessing products as customers are simple.
  • Etsy does not highlight brand names. This means, sellers without brand or with an unknown brand can compete on Etsy.
  • The important thing on Etsy is the products aesthetic and quality. It is a unique online platform for artists who are sure about the art they create. The large-scale brand can’t sell on Etsy.
  • You don’t need to deal with VAT for sales in the US.
  • Delivery policy and return policy are shaped by the seller. Etsy does not have any rules in this sense.
  • You don’t need overseas incorporation to sell on Etsy marketplace. You can open an individual account or an account for your Turkish company.
  • Various payment method such as Etsy Payments, Etsy Payoneer or Etsy PayPal can be used.
  • Etsy Payments has been recently introduced in Turkey. You can define your bank account in Turkey to Etsy without mediator payment company. In this sense, Etsy Payments facilitates the processes for sellers in Turkey.
  • If you are selling a product with artistic value, you need to be more accessible rather than being lost in other categories.
  • Practical Etsy training will be enough to sell on Etsy.

Importance of Selling on Etsy

Antiques, handmade products and customisable objects ar ethe general product range of Etsy.

You can learn more information about selling on Etsy with Etsy training offered under WORLDEF ENTERPRISE. We will answer to how to sell on Etsy question under some important titles! Etsy shop is more functional and ready for use compared to any e-commerce website. It is an easy platform for a beginner in terms of web use in addition to layout and design. You need to undertake some problems if you plan to sell on your own e-commerce website rather than being an Etsy seller. For example, there are website design, payment system integration, product listing options and digital marketing costs. All these might make a new seller tired in a highly competitive e-commerce ecosystem.

It is easier to reach a target audience per product on Etsy. For example, a buyer from the UK might look at your painting on websites like Etsy. This British buyer is your potential customer. You need some application for your Etsy shop design to make this British buyer your customer. These are the things in Etsy training. Therefore, becoming an Etsy seller means showing your products to a potential audience. It takes time to find customers on your own.

Etsy Store Opening Processes

Although Etsy shop opening seems complex, you can easily open store with Etsy training. Basically, Etsy seller store opening processes are as follows.

Sell on Etsy step
Etsy training plays a key role in successful sales in this giant marketplace.
  • Enter Etsy website and start.

Visit the Etsy homepage. Click on “Sell on Etsy” and then “Open Your Etsy Shop” option.

  • Customise your shop

Set how you want to sell your products. Choose a language for product descriptions and currency for trade. Then, add some tools like the location.

  • Choose a shop name.

Shop name selection is one of the most important steps. Buyers who want to shop on Etsy look for trust in the shop name. Therefore, you need to find the most appropriate name to fit your product range. Brand name must be synonymous with the product offering and ease to remember for customers. The shop name must not have special characters or spaces and must be between 4 and 20 characters.

  • Start listing your products.

You need to follow these steps for Etsy product listing processes:

Add quality photos: You need to have professional product photos from every angle to give the right impression to the buyers about your products. You can get support from product photo experts. Etsy training will guide you about product photos. You need to use at least 5 photographs with aesthetic background and high resolution.

Complete listing information: You need to have a short title and detailed description of the products. The description should include the properties, dimensions, production processes and materials of the products. The description should be detailed enough to answer all buyer questions.

Use tags: Buyers who want to shop on Etsy use keywords when they look for products. Use 13 tags on the system for each product. Make sure that keywords and tags match. The look and properties of the products you sell should match the tags and keywords.

Add inventory amount and product price: Add separate prices for each product. Make sure that all costs are included for Etsy selling price. Add product inventory status and size, colour and material if you have any.

Set shipment cost: Etsy product deliver is important. Etsy training will guide you. In this field, you include shipmen cost, country of origin, processing time, weight and size. You can update this information later if you need it.

View Etsy list preview: All you need to do is view your shop with a preview to see if you need to make any changes. Before making the shop live, assess the general look of the shop from the customer’s perspective. If shop design, information, pricing and product photos are as you like, click on “Complete” button and complete adding your first product.

  • Choose payment method:

Etsy has various digital payment methods. Etsy training will provide necessary information to collect payments from Etsy. How do you use Etsy Payoneer? You can learn the answers to how to add Etsy PayPal questions from Etsy experts. PayPal or Etsy Payments that are used by most of the sellers are the ideal options to offer your customers. Etsy Payments enables sellers to collect payment with different methods such as credit card, debit card, shop credit and Etsy gift cards. Etsy Payoneer option is also offered.

  • Add invoice information:

Invoice information will depend on the seller’s country. Etsy might request a credit card for authorisation and identity verification. Additionally, you need to store a card for Etsy to collect account and commission fees.

  • Optimise your shop:

Some of the ways to optimise your and sell more on Etsy are as follows:

Add profile: Your profile will have a photo of you and a short biography. This way, the visitors will know who you really are. Their trust towards you will increase. You can use this to form a personal connection with your customers and to give more idea about your products.

Add shop policies: This section includes the FAQs about the products. Also, you can add information about processing and shipment time table to show how long will it take for customers to get the products. You can add your return policies in this section as well.

Add shop biography: This section allows you to talk about your e-commerce shop and who you are. Etsy provides 5 thousand character space for seller biographies. Don’t forget to write a biography and connect with potential customers!

Use Etsy marketing tools: Etsy marketing tools enable you to reach a wider audience with social media. Etsy made the marketing easy for sellers with a new marketing strategy that enables sharing the products on social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As a result, Etsy has advantages for firms that will start cross-border e-commerce from Turkey. Ease of payment methods, simple product listing and seller panel make Etsy more advantageous.


Etsy training and Etsy consultancy offered under WORLDEF ENTERPRISE presents a roadmap to market specific products to global markets. With Etsy Sales Consultancy service WORLDEF Enterprise consultants will plan firms and products for sustainable and healthy corporate sales and list the first products. With WORLDEF Etsy training, the number of days for shipment, what can be accepted as returns, convincing customers to purchase are transferred to participants. Correct logistic plan and pricing on Etsy, quality customer experience with suitable content and visual and creating PPC plan are among the Etsy training for selling on Etsy.

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