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Profile Book

Profile Book

Profile Book is categorized in English and German languages for distribution to e-commerce sites, marketplaces, eBay & Amazon vendors in Europe, GCC and CIS regions. The profile of each company has information about the authorized person, general information about the product and stocks, the languages in which the service can be provided, the technological infrastructure and summary information about the company. 1000 copies are printed and distributed once a year. There are 3 types of profiles on the supplier catalog.

1.1. Retail Brands

1.2. eCommerce Sites

1.3. eCommerce Suppliers

Objective:To introduce Turkish companies that can supply to Europe, Eastern Block Countries and e-commerce ecosystem in the Gulf countries and ground for prospective collaborations to create.

Example: In order to ground for dual matching ,eCommerce website from the europe will have the the opportunity to know the supplier will be meeet in advance.