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General Information

Amazon is an American-based e-commerce and cloud computing company. It was found by Jeff Bezos on 05 July 1994 in Seattle, USA. In terms of total sales volume and market value, it is the largest shopping website around the world. Today, various product categories including DVD, music CD, computer software, computer games, electronics, accessories, furniture, jewellery, textile, hardware, accessories, clothing, home decoration and furniture, toys, arts and crafts materials and vehicles are listed on Amazon.

Amazon has country-based e-commerce websites in the
USA, UK and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Singapore
, Turkey
. In other countries, sales are completed in local countries.

Although Amazon dropshipping is a dominant and popular sales method due to the possibility of starting with minimum budgets, this method is becoming less popular due to supply chain management challenges and low profitability.

Although Amazon Turkey has strategic importance as it is a door for selling to Europe, correct listing with sector/category and product/competitor analysis is the key in sales on Amazon. With WORLDEF Enterprise Amazon Consultants, you can receive professional support for Amazon Europe and Amazon America-focused sales and grow your business in various fields including Amazon Prime, Amazon FBA, Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC.

While the yellow arrow on the Amazon.com logo which is the most popular shopping website around the world represents a smiling face, it also indicates that everything from A to Z can be found on the website.

Amazon Consultancy

Consultancy Content
  • Sustainable sales planning
  • Competitor and category analysis
  • Product listing
  • PPC optimization

Why Should You Sell on Amazon?

  • It is a marketplace where buyers and sellers are friends and with a total of 3 million active sellers with 200 billion dollar revenue and with at least $100,000 sales by 280,000 people and at least $1 million sales by 30,000 people.
  • It is a platform that enables you to increase your brand awareness in Europe and especially in the USA.
  • It is a marketplace with more than 100 million Prime members.
  • It has a 13% share in global e-commerce and 52% share in America.
  • You don’t need to worry about sales tax (VAT).

Sales on Amazon Consultancy Content

In Amazon Consultancy, everything necessary for a sustainable and healthy corporate sales will be planned by WORLDEF Enterprise consultants for the firm and products, competitor and category analysis of the first products on Amazon platform will be made, product listing and PPC optimisation will be completed and the foundation for sustainable success will be laid. Every work and effort here will be transferred by WORLDEF Enterprise consultants.

Sales on Amazon Consultancy Targets

  • Sector/Category Analysis Reporting
  • Competitor/Product Analysis and Presentation
  • Amazon Store Opening and Store Setting Configuration
  • In-Service Amazon Seller Training-1 Application
  • Creating Product Lists
  • Amazon-Oriented Marketing Work
  • Amazon Ad (PPC) Optimisation
  • Amazon Seller Center Interface Explanation
  • Amazon Account Health importance and things to consider will be provided for correct services.

Yes. Amazon Turkey Seller account can only be used in sales on Amazon.com.tr. You need to create a new seller account (Europe seller account) to sell on Amazon Europe.

For account opening, you will need the following documents:

  • Legal business name, 
  • Business address, 
  • Phone number, 
  • Tax Identity No, 
  • Tax Office, 
  • Identity Document, 
  • Credit Card, 
  • Chamber of Commerce/Chamber of Industry Activity Document,  
  • Most current Commercial Register showing company shareholders, 
  • Notary approved signatory circular and an invoice for that individual (natural gas, water etc.)

The prices of Amazon Europe are different than Amazon Turkey. Professional sales plan includes €39 (excluding VAT) monthly subscription price and sales service fee for each product depending on the category.

The membership will start when the registration is completed. Then, the first monthly subscription fee is collected.

When you create Amazon Europe seller account, you can reach all customers in Europe with five stores (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.it and Amazon.es).

The product information must be provided in the local language of the store. For example, if you want to sell on Amazon.de (Amazon Germany), the product information must be in German.

If you are using Amazon Logistic (FBA) services in Europe, you need VAT registry in the country you store your products. If the product is not stored in the EU, you need to consult to a tax officer for VAT registry.

If you have a bank account in Europe, you can collect the payment in Euro or Pound. If you don’t have a bank account in Europe and if you want to use your bank account in Turkey, you will be led to open a virtual bank account in Europe with Hyperwallet application. Hyperwallet is a 3rd party payment system that enables collecting payments in Turkish Lira. When you create an account on Hyperwallet, the payments in Europe are transferred to Hyperwaller account in Euro or Pound and then to a bank account in Turkey in Turkish Lira.



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