WORLDEF Global Organizasyon A.Ş is extremely careful about the safety of your personal data while using our website, filling related forms or proving us your information in other formats. We would like to inform you about this regulation and certain definitions in this regulation:

Personal Data: Any type of data of the identified or identifiable natural person. Processing personal data: All types of operations on your data including but not limited to complete or partially automated or non-automated means of obtaining, recording, storing, maintaining, modifying, reorganizing, explaining, transferring, taking over, making it available, preventing its classification or use. Data Processor: Data processor is the real person or legal entity processing the personal data based on the authorisation of the data responsible. Data recording system: The recording system that structures and processes personal data for certain criteria. Data responsible: The real person or legal entity determining personal data processing purposes and tools and responsible from data recording system installation and management.

Within the limits of applicable law, our company acts as both data responsible and data processor.

With Data Responsible Title can be completely or partially saved, stored, changed, updated, periodically checked, reorganized, classified, maintained for the purpose for which they are processed, or maintained for the period expressed in the related law, shared with any public institutions and/or 3rd person our Company works with as well as a real person is resident or abroad Turkey / legal entities, service providers and vendors, our company with insurance companies and / or our company’s sub-contractors, business partners and relevant sponsor companies or transferred abroad in case of legal or service de facto requirements or it can be processed including the prevention of its use including but not limited to by our Company and our branches, subcontractors, call centre, printing and distribution company and companies working with us, our business partner and sponsoring sponsor companies or through our websites and social media pages or all kinds of channels. Under our data processor title, our company (not different from our current operations) and sponsor firms that support the related events can send you electronic message (e-mail, SMS, social media shares etc.) for informing, inviting, product and service advertisement and promotion purposes or call you in line with these purposes.


Under Law 6698 Article 11, if your personal data is processed, 1. you have the rights to demand information for this processing, 2. learn the purpose and whether suitable usage was ensured of personal data processing, 3. know domestic or international third parties your data has been transferred to, 4. ask for correction when your personal data is incorrect or missing, 5. ask to delete or destroy your personal data, 6. inform third parties about correction, deleting or destruction of your personal data under Article 7 of the Law, 8. objecting to an undesired outcome that occurred based on analysis of your personal data by the automatic system and 9. ask for compensation when damage occurs if your personal data is processed against the law. This clarification, declaration and approval box is the attachment and inseparable part of all types of service agreement and service purchasing demand from our company and our sub-contractors. Within the framework of abovementioned information, I hereby declare that I read and understood this clarification, declaration and approval form face to face or by using text message, e-mail, internet, disc, CD, DVD, memory card and any other tools or media under Distant Agreement Legislation Article 4 paragraph (b) and I agree that my below mention declaration is valid.

I hereby accept and declare that my personal data and/or private data to be obtained completely or partially obtained, recorded, stored, changed, updated, periodically checked, reorganized, classified, kept for the time required by the purpose for which they are processed or foreseen in the relevant law and legal legislation, informing me depending on the law or service. send an electronic message (e-mail, text message, social media sharing, etc.), call by phone for the invitation, product and service advertising and promotion by including but not limited to your Company and our branches, subcontractors, call centre, printing and distribution company and companies working with us, our business partner and sponsoring sponsor companies or through our websites and social media pages or through all kinds of channels under Protection of Personal Data Law 6698.

These privacy policies are prepared by WORLDEF Global Organizasyon A.Ş. to identify the liabilities of for privacy. The following provisions include the data collection and distribution process rules on website.

We will use your IP address during ticket purchases to eliminate technical problems and to manage our website. Your IP address will be used for identifying you and your shopping cart and to collect your public demographic information. does not control and censor any information send and published by user’s own service channel. Users shall be the sole responsibility of the legal consequences of any activities during service usage.

Our users must provide all the information necessary such as contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail address etc.) in the customer database registration form of our website. We use the contact information in these sources for domain name information, in case of emergency and invoice delivery of our users.

Our users can delete their registration from our system. Collected financial information is used for collecting purchased product and service fee and for necessary conditions. Personal information will be used for system login and identify verification when needed. Statistical information and profile information are also collected on our website. This information can be used in any cases. This information will be used to track visitor movement and provide user-specific content.

Our website contains external links to other websites. shall not be held liable for the privacy policy and content of these links to the external websites. Security

Our firm has certain security precautions to prevent data loss, unauthorised data use or unauthorised data alterations. The security precautions are as follows:

1- With SSL Security Certificate, credit card information are transferred in an encrypted format with Secure Socket Layer during credit card payment collections.

2- Your credit card number is not stored. We don’t have any knowledge about your credit card number during purchasing. This transaction is between you and your bank and although this operation is transaction is made on our website, your credit number is a secret between you and your bank.

3- Our website operates with world-standard Linux Server technology. The latest known protection is uploaded and constantly monitored to avoid any problems.

Correction / Renewal

Our users that have registered on our website have the right to change all information as they like. – WORLDEF Global Organizasyon A.Ş.

Privacy Agreement

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ALL INFORMATION including but not limited to customer information, shopping information, sales information, service information, product information, payment information, account information, bank information, financial models, simulations, personnel information, work and service information, pricing information, operating methods, ideas, inventions, know-how , brands, logos, patents, software, source codes, intellectual and industrial property rights, design rights, trade secrets, technical processes, formulas, plans, schemes, licenses and permits, drawings of drawings, models, projections, business plans, market opportunities, all service analysis, compilation, work, proposal and other documents prepared by both parties; all commercial agreements or agreements concluded between the parties, contracts involving confidential information exchange disclosed by the Parties to each other and / or acquired by a Party about the other Party, including reports or data prepared by that Party or a third party on its behalf disclosed before or after the date of signing of this Agreement, for the purpose of executing the contract, in writing and / or verbally and / or verbally to the other Party and / or to the employees of the other Party by the employees of the Party concerned or on behalf of the Party concern.

Parties declare to unconditionally accept that they have declared and disclosed all necessary confidential information with their free will and acceptance after signing this Agreement.

Both Parties:

Both Parties undertake to accept unconditional, irrevocable recourse to keep all information strictly private and confidential, not to use such information for any reason, not to use Confidential Information for any reason, not to disclose, report, publish or share Confidential Information to any third party and / or legal person, firm, agency or agency, to take all necessary measures in this regard, to copy or reproduce any part of Confidential Information or any 3rd party, not to transfer / disclose / reveal the original / reproduced data to real and / or legal persons and third party organizations, to inform and warn their employees and managers and to provide their employees under their commitment and In the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, PROTECTION OF PRIVACY AND PERSONAL DATA, that they are directly responsible, to apply the security measures and care that for protecting the Confidential Information belonging to the Other Party and accept to be liable for any damage that may conditionally and/or unconditionally occur due to any damages arising from complying with abovementioned conditions.

The company accepts and undertakes to show all efforts to protect the confidential information of the Customers as it protects the company’s confidential information. The company warns workers and subcontractors about the confidentiality of the information.

Law on Protection of Personal Data

1. Limitation with purpose and instructions

Within the scope of this Agreement, parties could be “data responsible” or “data processor” depending on the processes. When one of the parties process the Personal Data of the other party under Protection of Personal Data Law 6698 (“Law”), the processing party shall be accepted as “data processor”. In this case, the party is obliged to process the Personal Data exclusively in accordance with the instructions of the other party and cannot perform any data processing activity outside of the instructions and / or on its behalf.

Data responsible and data processor and/or the party transferring the Personal Data to a third party undertakes that necessary clarification text and information are provided under Article 10 of the related Law and consent is collected from the data owners under this law.

Personal Data may be processed explicitly with limits by the party to whom the data is transferred for data transfer purpose. Processing Personal Data by any means other than the abovementioned scope requires written consent from the data transferring party.

If third party services are used for Personal Data storage and processing and if Personal Data is transferred domestically or internationally for this person, necessary Agreement will be concluded to ensure compliance with the law and other applicable legislation in accordance with the consent of the transferring the Personal Data.

Unless an additional legal/agreement relationship is formed with the data owner of the Personal Data within the Agreement duration, such data shall be deleted or destroyed in line with related regulation when the service relationship between the parties is terminated. If both Parties shall have liabilities to store Personal Data, the liable party shall store the Personal Data for limited time and purpose in line with this regulation.

2. Data Safety

Parties shall be liable to take all the necessary precautions in the regulation to prevent Personal Data to be accessed, processed by its own personnel and third parties and to prevent authorised use of Personal Data. Within this framework, both Parties declare, accept and undertake to complete all liabilities expressed in the Law, related regulation and by Board of Protection of Personal Data and both Parties declare, accept and undertake to otherwise be liable from all damages arising from failure to comply with the undertaking.

Any conflict arising from this situation shall be resolved through negotiation between the parties; in other cases, Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized exclusively. This Agreement is subjected to Turkish law.

Data processor shall be liable to transfer Personal Data safely to third parties under provision 1.1. of this Agreement.

3. Implementing legislative changes

If any changes are deemed necessary on Personal Data processing processes due to any legislative changes or amendments, the related party is shall be liable to complete the change before new/updated legislative to be effective.

In case the changes that may occur in the relevant legislation require any amendment to this Agreement, the parties accept, declare and undertake that they shall reasonable efforts to make such changes as soon as possible. However, if the Agreement provides that requires change, amendment or updating shall not be changed or amended within the given maximum time in the related regulation, new/updated legal changes shall be applied in line with new/updated regulation as of effective date.