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General Information

Whether at a local scale or global scale, the most important and maybe the first thing in cross-border e-commerce/e-commerce is the payment collection. When it comes to payment, in cross-border e-commerce approach, minimum loss and maximum speed in payment collection from either websites or global marketplaces and integration with different global payment systems in the target regions directly affect the revenue.

Why Should You Use PayPal/Global Payment Systems?

As you know, the most popular payment tool in online shopping in Turkey is credit/bank cards. While card systems such as Visa, MasterCard and Troy are mainly used, there are more than fifty card systems around the world. But the most important problem is consumer trust. Consumers are not willing to share their credit/bank card information on a website or marketplace they are going to use for the first time. Therefore, different global payment systems emerged in other regions of the world due to this distrust.

Currently, the most popular alternative payment tool is PayPal. Sellers must use PayPal if they want to sell on marketplaces such as e-Bay and Etsy. Additionally, payment tool institution data show that PayPal is more preferred than credit/bank card in most of the Western countries mainly the USA and the UK.

Such that credit/bank card used in online shopping only forms the 20-35% of total shopping potential. In addition to this data, when basic consumer habits are considered, consumers feel uncomfortable with sharing their credit/bank card information on a website or marketplace they use for the first time. Especially for firms that sell on their websites, PayPal or similar global payment systems help to gain the consumer trust and directly influence the purchasing decision.

Is PayPal Enough?

Especially in Europe, there are various payment systems with different popularities across countries in addition to PayPal and virtual POS (Giro Pay for Germany, Stripe for Holland and the UK). Therefore, sellers with the most popular payment method for the target region and market can easily convert the traffic to revenue. In this sense, alternative global payment system should be carefully assessed and these payment methods should be integrated.

PayPal and Global Payment System Consultancy Target

Collecting Payment In Line with Target Region Habits: By integrating different payment systems depending on the sales potential, collecting payments from a large consumer base in a fast and reliable way and to grow in a fast and sustainable way by considering sales numbers.



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