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WORLDEF the first and only international training, event and consultancy organisation in Turkey in cross-border e-commerce ecosystem is intensely collaborating with the UK Ministry of Commerce, Turkish Exporters Assembly and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce. The vision is to transform Turkey into a regional cross-border e-commerce center.

As of 2019, Türkiye İş Bankası has become WORLDEF main business partner and TRT becomes main media sponsor. On the other hand, international companies such as MasterCard, Google, DHL and UPS support WORLDEF.

WORLDEF ENTERPRISE, as the first and only cross-border e-commerce consultancy firm in Turkey, offers end-to-end result-oriented services to prepare market analysis reports, target markets and organize sales in marketplaces for firms that want to carry their operations abroad.

Why You Should Incorporate in the USA?

Incorporating in the USA is mandatory to make your business sustainable in the largest traditional and electronic commerce market.

Market Volume

It is natural for many entrepreneurs who want to be involved in cross-border e-commerce to have a company in the USA. You can’t ignore the largest e-commerce volume and purchasing power around the world.


Although Amazon marketplaces around the world attempt to increase their efficiencies, they are still away from catching Amazon USA. Amazon.com is at the heath of cross-border e-commerce as one of the number one product listing targets due to population and purchasing power advantages.


Take one step ahead of your competitors in logistic costs by carrying your cross-border e-commerce to an American fulfilment centre in your web store journey.

Legal Company

On contrary to Europe, there are no VAT records in the USA but you need to pay sales tax depending on the state you are storing your products. Therefore, establishing a company in the USA is mandatory.


You can benefit from the tax advantages of Delaware state without state sales tax and 2.2%-6.6% income tax rates.


Communicate with your customers and service providers with your local communication roadmap with incorporation in the USA and by using your local American address and phone number.

What Do We Do to Establish a Company in the USA?

The necessary conditions to include entrance to Amazon
and ad spending are considered and the suitable solutions are prepared by WORLDEF Enterprise.
tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

Need Analysis

We are guiding your incorporation in the USA with a check-up based on your e-commerce operations or cross-border e-commerce targets.


Without going to the USA, we start your incorporation processes and manage your knowledge and document processes.

Local Address and Phone Number

We enable you to communicate with your service providers and customers at the local level by using your local address and phone numbers.

Accounting and Public Accounting

We are offering international accounting service as WORLDEF Enterprise in tax and public accounting which is one of the biggest question marks in cross-border e-commerce.

Official Company Requirements

Mandatory international mediator payment, name scanning and purchasing name rights, company applications, establishment document, physical copy of the document, company seal, notary approved authorised person document, bank authorisation document and EIN will be obtained to be used in necessary conditions.

Tax and Transfer Optimization

We are planning your income tax, VAT and transfer fees under the most ideal conditions and maximize your saving average.

What did they say?

Companies That Choose Us

All of our business partners that we provide strategic partnership or cross-border e-commerce consultancy are always one step ahead.

Our International Conferences

Check WORLD E-COMMERCE FORUM with thousands of e-commerce companies!

Online World E-Commerce Forum

16 May 2020, Online

Mediterranean Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference

14 December 2019, Antalya

World E-Commerce Forum Eurasia

26-27 November 2019, Baku

CDEK CIS E-Commerce Summit

03 October 2019, İstanbul

DHL World E-Commerce Forum

3-4 May 2019, İstanbul

İzmir DHL Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference

25 March 2019, İzmir

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Who Should Incorporate in the USA?

Entrepreneurs who want to sell on Amazon or website in the USA e-commerce market must establish a company in the USA.

How Does Sales Tax Work in the USA?

There will be separate federal and state taxes depending on where your products are sold or stores. But these taxes are low compared to customers taxes and logistic costs. On contrary to Europe, there is no sales amount limit.

How Will You Pay Income Tax Abroad?

Income tax will be calculated based on states and paid with a statement prepared on the annual renewal period. Since there is a double tax agreement between the USA and Turkey, companies can pay the taxes in one of the companies.

Which Marketplaces Can I Use for Selling?

You can sell on Amazon as well as Wayfair, e-Bay when you meet the required conditions after establishing your company in the USA.

How Can I Have a PayPal Business Account?

Unfortunately, since you are required to be physically present in the USA for conformation of your PayPal account setup, opening a PayPal account is not included for establishing a company in the USA.

Can I Get +1 Phone Code?

A phone number for your company will be purchased to be used in communication with service providers such as marketplaces and the calls will be directed to this number.



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