Overseas Incorporation Consultancy

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Overseas Incorporation Consultancy

Overseas Incorporation Consultancy

Countries for Incorporation

General Information

In some cross-border e-commerce cases, you might need overseas incorporation. WORLDEF Enterprise offers suitable solutions to overcome the problems correctly and in a sustainable way.

After evaluation, certain criteria including VAT and income tax ratio, logistic advantages, incorporation and company closing procedures, the suitable countries for cross-border e-commerce are selected. Accordingly, WORLDEF Enterprise can help incorporation processes in the following countries based on legal requirements:

UK Incorporation

USA Incorporation

Holland Incorporation

Canada Incorporation

Why Overseas Incorporation?

Payment System Integration

The companies in Turkey are non-functional to be integrated into various payment systems such as PayPal, Etsy Payments. Therefore, a company must be established in suitable countries.

Legal Existence Abroad

Zalando, Afound, Amazon and similar platforms require an international legal correspondence to enter the system. Incorporation is mandatory to enter these platforms.

Requirements for Advanced Logistic Solutions

While B2C sales invoices can be directly invoiced to customers, cross-border e-commerce companies that want to store the product in fulfilment centres and distribute the products from there need to invoice their company to send the products in like with commercial laws.

Countries for Overseas Incorporation Consultancy

UK Incorporation

Incorporation in the UK is one of the leading options since there is no need for VAT registration up to 85 thousand sterling pound, acceptable income tax, relatively easy incorporation and company closing procedures and high reputation of the companies.

UK Company Content

USA Company Content

USA Company Content

Incorporation in the USA; has become one of the most demanded operations since Amazon America closes the non-USA business accounts. WORLDEF Enterprise prepared a solution by considering the necessary requirements to be included under introduction to Amazon and ad spending incentives.

Holland Incorporation

In addition to significant e-commerce consumption, various logistic firms in Holland make this country attractive for incorporation. Additionally, high-level English fluency and Holland being the centre of incorporation for foreigners increases the flexibility of the processes.

Holland Company Content

Canada Company Content

Canada Incorporation

Amazon Canada which is an alternative Amazon channel is under the radar of various sellers. WORLDEF Enterprise meets the incorporation in Canada needs where overseas incorporation processes are less known.



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