Online World E-Commerce Forum hosted 6 thousand firms from 10 countries.

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International Online World E-Commerce Forum 2020 organised online on 16 May Saturday by WORLDEF and main business partner Türkiye İş Bankası has British Ministry of Finance and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) as partners. This year, the forum supported by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce is organised online on DealRoom app. The forum that gathered various firms from different countries had 5.642 participants from 10 countries especially from England. WORLDEF Chairman Ömer Nart who spoke on the forum that considered the new period after the coronavirus emphasised that we will hear e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce concepts more often.

WORLDEF Chairman Ömer Nart thanked Online World E-Commerce Forum participant firms, partners, speakers and participants.

10 countries, 15 sessions, 5.642 firms, 2.052 meetings

Online World E-Commerce Forum that attracted great attention from e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce ecosystem shareholders hosted 34 experts speakers from different countries on e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce. Various topics are discussed in 15 different sessions including payment systems, logistics, Europe market and changing consumer habits due to pandemic. 5.642 firms from 10 countries especially from England participated to Online World E-Commerce Forum and the forum enabled one-to-one messaging and video meeting in virtual rooms. This way, while participants had a real event experience, Turkish producers are matched with marketplace and supplier firms from different countries. 2.052 collaboration meetings are organised with live video meetings.

Ömer Nart We will hear e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce concepts more often

WORLDEF Chairman Ömer Nart who did the Online World Forum E-Commerce Forum opening speech said, “under coronavirus measures, we have decided to organise World E-Commerce Forum free and online for all participant firms. I would like to thank partners, speakers and participants for contributing to our forum.”

Nart further added that “despite devastating effects of precautions applied during COVID-19 pandemic around the world, we, as WORLDEF, organised World E-Commerce Forum free for all participant firms to develop cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce ecosystem, continue collaboration and support and to have positive contribute to the most-needed networks. This forum that focused on British e-commerce market has an important cross-border e-commerce potential for both countries. Also, it offers great opportunities for firms that want to increase cross-border e-commerce capacities.”

Ömer Nart expressed that everything will be organised for the new normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

“After COVID-19, new things will be said in economy, commerce, social life and politics; everything will be organised for new normal. In this new period, we will hear more about e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.” Ömer Nart emphasised that the report on the effect of COVID-19 on the ecosystem and academic board reports will be published on Fortune Turkey magazine and shared with all participants on June. Nart said, “We have been getting ready for months and our number of participants exceeded 5.000. With this, I would like to thank our main business partner Türkiye İş Bankası; organisation partners British Ministry of Commerce and Turkish Exporters’ Assembly; participant firms and our media partners.”

Slater: Turkey has a high digital potential.

İstanbul Consulate General of England Juidth Slater participated the forum online and provided information about e-commerce relationships between Turkey and England. Slater stated that new things that emerged due to coronavirus covers all sectors and Turkey has a high digital potential as the country is attractive for foreign capital. Consulate General stated that events such as Online World E-Commerce Forum is beneficial to establish collaboration between two countries.

Slater stated the economic size of England and emphasised the e-commerce potential of the country. Slater used the following statements: “E-commerce in England is growing by 10% every year. In 2021, these numbers will exceed expectations. Online consumers in England were adapted to e-commerce at the early stages. British market is at an ideal position for e-commerce. We are an ideal country for innovative technology. The language advantage makes England an important actor in e-commerce in Europe. England is the second country after Sweden in terms of cashless activities. E-commerce firms are supported by the government.”

Consulate General Slater explained that the British governor prepared a support package and provided tax exemptions and grant supports to fight against coronavirus pandemic. Judith Slater remarked that they are supporting Turkish e-commerce firms that want to invest in England.

Edhem: Turkish firms can achieve great results in England.

Chamber of Turkish-British Commerce and Industry Chairman Alderman Emma Edhem mentioned opportunities in England for Turkish manufacturers. Edhem stated that e-commerce is an important field to develop business strategy and many companies in Europe moved their headquarters in England and added “England can still address 500 million consumers in Europe despite Brexit. Since market versatility is high in England, firms can easily reach customers. The country is the easiest country to do business. In this sense, we are 7th around the world. Our country has 65 million potential customer capacity. We are second among G20 countries according to global innovation index.”

Edhem expressed international competition and stated that if the firms that want to operate in England meet high standards, they can compete with other firms. Alderman Emma Edhem stated that firms in Turkey have amazing operations and they could get good results in England. Edhem also stated the activities of the association and explianed the support provided by the association to firms in e-commerce field.

Online concerts from Paul Dwyer

At the end of the Online World E-Commerce Forum, famous Scottish artists Paul Dwyer with his unique Turkish sounds gave an online concert from his home. Dwyer’s online performance was a motivation to all participants during the pandemic.

Postponed due to coronavirus

World E-Commerce Forum 2020 was planned to be organised on 15 April 2020 in İstanbul Shangri-la Hotel but the event is postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. Organisation partners decided to organize the forum online. Online World E-Commerce Forum was organised with online video conference app DealRoom and became the first online event at this scale.

Participant firms

Some of the firms that participated to Online World E-Commerce Forum 2020 event are as follows Digital Partners, London Bridge Project, AliExpress, Magnacca, Fruugo, ChannelEngine, Elearning Marketplace, Propars, Sefamerve, EY Parthenon, UND, PTS. Forum media sponsors are as follows: TRT Haber, TRT World, Reuters, Turkish British, Dünya, Sabah, Hürriyet, Ecommerce News, B2Press,

About World E-Commerce Forum

ONLINE WORLD E-COMMERCE FORUM is an international conference organised by WORLD E-COMMERCE FORUM, WORLDEF and Türkiye İş Bankası main partnership with the vision to contribute to turn Turkey into a regional e-commerce center. WORLD E-COMMERCE FORUM that monitors the sector under cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce axis since 2017 with expert international and domestic speakers in the sector undertakes the mission to facilitate cross-border e-commerce for local retail brands and SMEs with its international network opportunity.

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