Online Sales Performance Tracking Analytically

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Sales performance is an important indicator in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.

Developments in technology have resulted in changes in the trade life; its scale has grown, and it has got more speed. As a result of the development of communication tools, transnational trade has started to be performed faster, and with safer instruments which ended up with the emergence of new sales methods. The most prominent result of this process is cross border e-commerce, which is one of the most popular forms of international trade in recent years.

We can define the cross border e-commerce as the delivery of international orders received via online channels within the framework of certain rules. In cross border e-commerce the consignment is either sent from an enterprise to another one or directly to a customer. This process provides us with favorable results, such as reduced costs and shortened operational steps. Although cross border e-commerce processes are more comfortable and shorter than classical export processes, it is essential for the whole operation to be handled within the sales management discipline of cross border e-commerce and to carry out the process in a healthy way.

Cross border e-commerce sales management includes a structure consisting of the details such as order tracking, numerical analysis of sales, customer information tracking, and periodic sales graphs. Performance monitoring is the most important pillar of this process to manage the sales activities of the company correctly. The following are the points to be considered in performance monitoring.

Sales Team Control and Sales Quota Application

One of the most important issues to be addressed within the scope of the sales management in cross border e-commerce is undoubtedly the correct channeling, observation, and measurement of the sales team. Proper execution of these steps will have positive results for both the employee and the company. One of the most important steps to increase the performance of the sales team is to implement a sales quota for specific periods or on an annual basis.

The sales quota application not only encourages the sales team to work on the sales but also provides data for measuring. The critical point here is to determine the sales quota correctly. Unrealistic quota can cause stress on employees and leave adverse effects. As a result, it is even possible to encounter the expected benefit turning into damage. If the determined quota can be achieved to a great extent by your sales team, increasing the quota would be the right approach. Hypothetical increases or decreases in the sales quota often produce negative results.

Increasing and Analyzing the Basket Average

The concept of basket average refers to the total sales amount divided by the number of sales per person. Keeping this amount as high as possible will result in increased sales and profitability. Therefore, the basket average becomes crucial for sales and profitability. In sales management of cross border e-commerce, strict follow-up of sales figures, the examination of the amounts of expenditure per capita will constitute the basis for the studies to be carried out to keep the average of the basket high.

The correct approach would be to carry out some reviews to increase this average in the light of the data obtained. A practical method for raising the basket average is, in general, the provision of the cargo service for free or at low prices. Besides, applying a discount for an amount exceeding a certain expense amount affects and encourages customers to shop, and accordingly increases the basket average. Using cross-selling methods or offering bundled products are among the main factors that increase the sales volume and basket average. It is important to record all the studies carried out for sales increase by using sales management of cross border e-commerce applications, to go through the necessary analysis stages for the sake of monitoring analytical sales performance.

Income-Expense / Cash Flow Analysis

Income – expense tracking is one of the most critical issues to be followed by commercial organizations keeping making profit as their chief goal. How much money the company makes and how much of this money is spent should be accurately recorded and analyzed with the correct analysis methods to obtain general performance data of the company.

Accurate and regular monitoring and analysis of cash flow is crucial for companies to carry out their operations in a healthy way. Factors such as cash flow imbalances and reduced positive cash flow may cause unwanted negative situations for companies because cash flow takes an essential part in ensuring the continuity of company activities. Therefore, we would not be exaggerating if we say that cash flow takes first place in the evaluation of company performance. Cash flow is one of the most important issues that customers or investors pay attention to in company reviews. Therefore, firms with positive cash flow are considered to be trade-friendly and investable. Investments and growth targets can also be realized in a stronger way, as the positive cash flow will result in companies being debt-free.

Determining the Right Sales Channel

There are specific activities with which companies introduce their sales events, campaigns, and new products to their customers. They can present their one-to-one marketing works or advertising activities in this group. Thanks to the developing technology, almost all communication tools such as the internet, television, radio, and smartphones are at the center of advertising and promotion activities. Cross border e-commerce companies establish their advertising activities carried out in the scope of their marketing operations on these platforms.

However, not all of these activities will always provide the expected result. The work carried out over the web page may not be enough to keep people on the page or to direct them to purchase. Similarly, the products or images you use in your advertising work may not have attracted enough attention or received feedback. Such negative situations may cause loss of time, money, and sales, as well as the loss of reputation for the firm. Practices of sales management of cross border e-commerce are expected to be active at this point and to analyze feedbacks obtained from promotional activities correctly. As the results from these studies are received, the cross border e-commerce company should be conveyed to the right sales channel and method.

Evaluation of Sales Performance of Products

It is essential to determine the demand for the sold products and to find out which products in advertising and sales channels interest the customers. Thanks to such analyzes, it becomes possible to prioritize products with a high sales volume and to make improvements and arrangements on unsold products. Product sales performance analysis also provides positive results in identifying products that are valuable but not well explained to the customer.

As a result, it is possible to assess the decision-making process of customers accurately and to transform this assessment into sales-enhancing activities. This process may proceed in the form of organizing sales campaigns, changing the channels on which the products are displayed, and eliminating any deficiencies in the product promotion information if any. Of course, you should repeat and continue this analysis and evaluation process until you achieve with the obtained results the most accurate sales performance. Products that can be delivered to the right audience at the right time by using the proper sales techniques will give the company a positive momentum.

As a result, business life, where competition can be extremely destructive, requires continuous control of the business and continuous improvement through analysis and evaluation. This situation is even more critical for companies dealing with cross border e-commerce, carrying out their activities on world markets and competing with companies worldwide via internet and e-commerce sites. Therefore, cross border e-commerce sales management will help companies to develop their competitive aspects and have a say in world markets.

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