1 - General Info

30 Hours
11 Modules 14 Videos
Mobile, Tablet, PC Accessibility
Level: Beginner and Intermediate
The Speciality Certificate
Internship and Job Opportunities 

Training membership is valid for 12 months. The subscription can be resumed by re-paying at the end of the year.

Online Cross Border E-Commerce Certificate Program is an online training program with 11 modules and 14 videos created with the contribution of more than 12 trainers.

Unlike traditional foreign trade programs, the Online Cross Border E-Commerce Certificate Program is designed specifically for the needs of entrepreneurs who want to do / does e-commerce / want to do cross border e-commerce. Upon successful completion of this training, participants have the chance to do internships.

With cross border e-commerce applications in various fields, it creates cross border e-commerce road maps for SMEs and those who want to do all cross border e-commerce and raises awareness about the opportunities offered by the sector. In addition, it contributes significantly to the attendees to develop their cross border E-Commerce infrastructures and to establish a global network with overseas markets.

2 - Achievements Gained by the Program

  • You will learn the basic level of information required for cross border e-commerce expertise in detail,
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about cross border e-commerce expertise, government incentives, payment systems, logistics infrastructure, customs procedures and trademark registration,
  • After the training, you will be able to prepare a new roadmap and a different way of doing business for your cross border e-commerce initiatives,
  • You will be able to find answers to the problems you may encounter in your way of doing business during your journey,
  • The mentoring support from trainers working in major brands in Turkey's export sector will facilitate the process.
  • With the help of internship and job opportunities after the training, you will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by reinforcing what you have learned in training,
  • You will become an expert with the online certificate provided,

3 - Who Can Participate?

  • E-commerce and cross border e-commerce personnel who recently started their career as the digital marketing experts
  • Business owners who want to start cross border e-commerce
  • Those aiming a career as cross border e-commerce specialist,
  • University students with cross border e-commerce career goals,
  • E-commerce and cross border e-commerce experts who want to renew themselves,
  • Company employees who want to direct their career as cross border e-commerce specialist,
  • New experts in the export, import and customs departments of companies,
  • Those who want to provide cross border e-commerce as Freelancer,


4 - Advantages of the Training 

30 Hours of Training
With the Program, you will have intensive specialist training compiled of 14 videos that are 30 hours long in total.
Internship & Job Opportunities
Worldef Business School’s contracted companies and Turkey's leading international companies will provide you with the opportunity of internships and job opportunities.


If you succeed in the training classes, you will qualify for cross border e-commerce online certificate.
Access From All Devices
You will have access to training videos with the online training platform from any device at any time.


   5 - Our Trainers

    The best cross border e-commerce trainings provided by the expert trainers in Turkey's export sector,

Orxan Isayev

World E-Commerce Forum Training Coordinator

Ömer Nart

World E-Commerce Forum Leader

Tunç Günbey
Dijital Partners
Aşkın Yeşilyurt
Tunahan Korkmaz
LaStore Executive Assistant
Gülgün Korkusuz
Founder and the Head of Uğurlu Consultancy
Mustafa Kırca
Worldef Global
Işın Sarıkaya

DHL Express Customs and Legal Transactions Manager

Tolga Duman
Inter Patent Chief Executive
Ömer Arıkan
Ömer Balkaya
SefaMerve Chief Executive
Mehmet Bülent Kutacun
İş Bank E-Commerce Unit Manager
   6 - Online Training Video Modules

   Specialize in cross border e-commerce with more than 20 Online Training and Certificate Programs!


Sales in Marketplace
Logistic and Customs
Payment Systems
Brand and Patent
Government Incentives
Success Stories