1. Consultancy Areas
Cross Border E- Commerce Check-up
Cross Border E-Commerce Department&Team Installation
Cross Border E-Commerce Marketting Research
Establishment of a Company in Abroad 
Influencer Marketing Practices
Integration to Global Payment Systems


2. Consultancy Types           
One-on-one Consultancy 
Online Consultancy
3. Consultancy Benefits with One-on-one Consultancy

Within the scope of consulting, after examining the crossborder e-commerce infrastructure conformity of the company, a roadmap and strategy are planned accordingly.
Companies receive quality consultancy services from World E-Commerce Forum’s expert consultants on how to manage cross border e-commerce abroad. cross border E-commerce infrastructure availability is checked and the roadmap and strategy are being planned accordingly for the company within the consultancy services. The consultancy provides solutions to all problems of the companies and persons that would like to do cross border e-commerce. In general, influencer marketing activities are carried out in order to establish the company abroad, integration of the incentives provided by the government and global payment systems such as Paypal and Stripe, and to carry the brand further in the market. In addition, thanks to the global customer network it offers exclusively to its clients and members; they have the opportunity to make sales to the world, especially in marketplaces.

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