New Generation and Loyalty

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The new generation expects different applications from brands.

Customer loyalty is not just about price and quality of products as it is in the new generation. Especially cross-border eCommerce brands need to establish long-term and emotional relationships with their customers. Because this is exactly what the new generation expects from brands. Not only through advertising activities, but from the design of the website to the messages you address to your customers, every detail needs to be planned carefully to create customer loyalty. Thus, people can feel much better while shopping on your eCommerce site, and sometimes they can even ignore the deficiencies or mistakes on your site.

The Most Important Rule Is Trust

There is no single way to build brand loyalty, especially based on the new generation. In fact, it is necessary for you to meet certain conditions before putting effort to create brand loyalty. In this direction, you must ensure that your customers have endless trust in you. You cannot expect a new generation who does not trust a brand to be loyal to that brand. Therefore, you should reassure that your cross-border eCommerce site is completely reliable with its transparency, experience, honesty, and professionalism. Similarly, you should follow the qualifying procedures to make your site look reliable.

Plain and Simple

It can be said that the new generation does not like complexity and grace. You may not be able to convince them with unnecessary exaggeration, as we are talking about a conscious generation who is extremely familiar with technology and is aware of every small detail. Therefore, you must benefit from simplicity and practicality. By providing your customers with a flawless, trouble-free and simple customer experience, you can help them build brand loyalty in the long run. This detail is so important that if a customer has a bad customer experience, she or he may never return to your site again. Therefore, you should always take care to keep the customer experience at a good level.

Control Your Communication Firmly

You should go beyond being a cross border eCommerce site in the digital world. For this, you should focus on being a brand. You must decide your brand’s language of communication and how it will address its target audience. At the same time, you can encourage this language throughout the organization so that everyone from customer service to graphic designers can work with this awareness. By communicating with your customers in a friendly and fun tone, they can connect to you in the short and medium-term; in the long run, you can turn this into customer loyalty. So you need to keep in touch with your customers not only when they call you, but also when they do not call you.

Understand your Customers

In fact, the most important and perhaps the only necessary stage of the process is getting to know and understand your customers. If your target audience is a new generation, you should research them well at the beginning of the process, learn their expectations and be aware of their habits. If you have detailed information about your customers, you can also make judgments about their buying behaviour and brand loyalty. Therefore, you should know your customers, their tastes, ages and expectations well and provide suitable experiences for them. You should also decide whether these experiences will be material or spiritual. For instance; some customers might enjoy the little giveaways that come in the box specially for themselves, rather than the discounts.

Pay attention to Continuity

If you want to create brand loyalty among your customers, you should make sure that all the works you perform are continuous. Because if you do not show enough attention and care for a long time after having loyal customers, you should not question why they are not connected to you anymore. For this reason, you should always be progressive, up-to-date and continuous in your every work. You should remember that you need to work with your team in a very organized way to complete these complex but also necessary processes with great opportunities.

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