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Goal 2023

$ 500 Billion Export

Membership Kit

Special Events for Members


B2B Match Making

These are special meetings that bring platform members together with more than 30 e-commerce websites and marketplace sellers who want to supply from Turkey.


Business Trip

It is a vision tour organized for eCommerce companies to see abroad eCommerce companies in place. The E-Export Platform provides opportunities for its members and gives them a global perspective...


Free Ticket

Platform member companies are given one free ticket to attend conferences that will be held twice a year. Each + ticket to be purchased by member companies is 50% discount for members.


Profile Book

Profile Book is categorized in English and German languages for distribution to e-commerce sites, marketplaces, eBay & Amazon vendors in Europe, GCC and CIS regions.


Business Development Meetings

Every two months, the E-Export Platform members have an experience-sharing platform where problems are discussed, solutions are available and e-exporters experience their experiences.


Solution Center

Workgroups under the solution center respond to members' questions, share their experiences and solve their problems.


Global Network

An English proverb says: '' It is important who you know, not who you are. '' Yes, we are in the network age. And business people involved in a particular network are always one step ahead of their competitors.


E-Export Academy

It is organized to deepen the knowledge of the members for e-export. It is done intensively 4 times a year for a week.