Master of Global E-Commerce

You will become a global e-commerce expert by learning tips for doing e-commerce in global markets!

1. General Information

Special Training

Quota: 3 people

6 Months

Competence Certificate

In-Class Training

Applied Training

Global e-commerce sales involve selling products or services by ordering with internet to markets in different countries. Every year, retail e-commerce sales around the world show an increasing acceleration. E-retail income in 2022 is estimated to raise 6.54 trillion US dollars. E-commerce shops are among the most popular online activities around the world. In this setting, becoming an e-commerce expert gives you lots of advantages.

WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL offers a global e-commerce expert perspective with Master of Global E-Commerce training offered by e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce professionals. How to make the target market analysis? What is financial literacy? What are global digital marketing techniques? These and many more are offered in this training to the future global e-commerce experts.

2. Learning Outcomes

3. Who Can Join?

Advantages of Training

Career Mentorship

Certificate Option

Internship & Job Opportunities

Unlimited Learning

4. Instructors


Master of Global E-Commerce Training Titles

Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Promotions

Payment Systems in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce Infrastructure

Marketplace Sales

Cross-Border Market Analysis

Overseas Incorporation

What did they say about Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Training Program?

İsmail Nart
İsmail NartE-Ticaret Uzmanı
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Amazon Eğitim Sertifika Programıyla,’u daha detaylı kullanmayı öğrenerek, global ölçekte vizyonlar edindim. Böyle geniş ölçekli bir pazar yerinde satışlarımı arttırmanın çeşitli yollarını da keşfettim.
Turan Parlak
Turan ParlakWessi Uluslararası Satış Yöneticisi
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Amazon Eğitimi Sertifika Programı gayet verimliydi. Kafamdaki soru işaretleri büyük oranda yanıt bulmuş oldu. Artık Amazon’u daha efektif şekilde kullanabileceğim.

5. Training Content

1) Theoretical Background

  1. General Overview
  2. Cross-Border E-Commerce Basics
  3. Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship
  4. Target Cross-Border E-Commerce Markets
  5. Global Marketplaces
  6. Cross-Border E-Commerce Tax Regulation
  7. Global Brand Right Management
  8. Global Payment Processes
  9. 1.9. Strategic Leadership

2) Applied Training

  1. Foreign Government Promotions
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Supplier Management
  4. Creating E-Commerce Team
  5. Cross-Border E-Commerce Technologies
  6. Content Management
  7. Global Digital Marketing
  8. Global Social Media
  9. Global Logistics Operations
  10. Customer Service
  11. Design Thinking
  12. Canvas Business Model

3) Experience Program

  1. Cross-Border E-Commerce Competency Exam
  2. Month MT Internship in a Foreign International E-Commerce Company

4) Applied Project

Preparing Global E-Commerce or Cross-Border E-Commerce Project

5) Executive Competency Certificate

  1. Jury Project Presentation
  2. Certificate of Achievement Ceremony

  • Training is organised in Worldef Business School training halls, Shangri-La Hotel meeting rooms, training halls in institutions offering education and training services and various training halls.
  • You can check “Who Can Join” field under the training title or call Worldef Business School to learn more. Some training might require a minimum education level.



  • The instructors are the Worldef Business School instructors and expert professional in their own field.
  • Training can be provided with desired standards after meeting with the organisation following the training demand. After training standards are identified, Worldef Business School will send a training offer to the organization.

  • Master of Global E-Commerce Training Program participants can pay with Credit Card and Bank Wire/EFT method.
  • 12 Instalment to Credit Card, Payment with Bank Wire, 15% Discount Offer for 3 or More People!
  • Master of Global E-Commerce Training Certificate Program with 25% Early Registration Discount!

Certificate Conditions

Participants with a minimum 80% success after Master of Global E-Commerce Training will have Cross-Border E-Commerce Speciality Certificate. Users can use this certificate on other platforms.

Job and Internship Opportunities

Participants can have internship and job opportunities in national and international partners of Worldef.

Mentorship Support

Basic level mentorship service is offered to participants after Master of Global E-Commerce Training Program.

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Master of Global E-Commerce


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Master of Global E-Commerce


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