Latest Trends in Online Shopping

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Online shopping and e-commerce marketplaces are areas where product variety and competition abound.

In addition to small-scale e-commerce websites, product versatility and competition is high in large e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy. In these huge marketplaces which are especially important for e-commerce firms, there are shopping trends in certain periods. While the businesses that can catch these trends and monitor customer purchasing trends success, business without any such knowledge will lose customers.

For example; one of the elements that determine customer shopping tendencies in the last years is customizability. Customers desire products to be customizable and unique based on their own demands. Similarly, they want a special and different image from store products. Therefore, e-commerce brands need to create a unique image in their products and develop strategies accordingly. Additionally, while some sectors are intensely preferred by online shoppers, customers still prefer brick-and-mortar stores in other industries. Knowing sectors where online shoppers intensely purchase products and working in these sectors will take e-commerce firms one step forward.

Trend Industries in E-Commerce

Nielsenstudy on retail sales of fast consumption products and shopping trends of online customers identified the most preferred industries in shopping. According to this study, the most commonly preferred industries that are predicted to increase in Turkey are baby care products, home cleaning products, personal care products, and pet products. These are among the most preferred industries in online shopping on a global scale.

For example; baby products, pet products, sport nutritional supplements are the dominant ones in the US. South Korea with a large e-commerce volume mainly has baby care products or cleaning materials such as detergents as the most preferred industries. While purchasing trends in women’s clothing are striking, it is possible that the food industry is lagging behind online shopping trends. While there is a widespread usage in ready-to-eat food ordering on applications, online shopping tendency for fruit and vegetable groups or fresh products is extremely low.

Best Sellers on Amazon and Etsy

Amazon and Etsy as the most used e-commerce websites on a global scale play an important role to determine trend products. Products sold in these marketplaces are regarded as easy-to-purchase products. For example; best sellers on Amazon include books, clothes and accessories, electronic parts and baby-toy product groups. Specific best seller products under these categories can be seen as the most liked products that are suitable for online shopping.

Additionally, home appliances such as kitchen and repair tools are the best seller products on Amazon. Bestseller products on Etsy are products like jewelry, clothing, and bags. Especially, accessories and art design products are highly popular. In addition to products like vase, table, etc., there are also products like toys and baby and child products. Materials used in art design are also best sellers on Etsy.

Easy Communication Services

Online shoppers mainly demand services like fast shipment, personalization, and online support. Bot systems that can instantly deliver online support provide significant advantages and offer fast response and problem-solving service in customer communication. Fast communication option as the most important component of creating customer satisfaction is one of the topics that e-commerce firms need to consider. Today’s digital transformation environment significantly changes customer demands and crease faster and easier service expectations. In this sense, chat windows can be created with pop-up systems and live support areas can be created for customers to instantly and easily reach information.

Importance of Customization

Brands must monitor the shopping habits and shopping history of their target audience. Due to the wide range of product versatility on large marketplaces, it is becoming harder to make customers choose you. You need to apply competitive prices and create a unique style to stand out in such product versatility. For this, your product range must be special and clear. You need to present a clear value by making your customers feel that your products are different and your brand is special. Also, special design services in industries such as clothing, decoration, and accessories are important for customers. Customizable products will make the users feel special and this will play a large role for them to choose you.

Secrets of Success in E-Commerce

Companies need to develop an innovation culture within the company and in their sales strategies and catch the e-commerce evolution stages. These companies need to complete requirements of digital transformation age and develop a strategy that meets customer demands at the highest level possible. Mobile applications should be emphasized to enable customers to have a shopping experience anywhere, at any moment. Fast delivery, practical communication opportunities, easy payment, and shipment tracking status demands of a customer segment that looks for digitally optimized shopping experience should not be disregarded.

Customized, seamless and easily completed order experience is the key to customer satisfaction. In e-commerce activities, especially in physical stores, the omnichannel method should be used to apply a multichannel marketing strategy towards the target audience. In the near future, 3D modeling that is predicted to be one of the e-commerce marketing trends promises extremely real shopping experience to customers. With these methods, users can test products such as clothing, accessories, home furniture with 3D modeling before ordering and purchase these products after testing.

This method might mean less profit and more conversion rates for some firms. It is predicted that chatbots will continue to be used as one of the indispensable methods for e-commerce firms. Due to their skills to manage basic questions and handle the communication better by learning interactions, chatbots might be preferred more in the following years.

Power of Mobile Marketing

According to a study on, mobile sales increased by 55% in 2018. It is expected that sales on mobile channels this year will form 67.2% of total e-commerce sales while it is predicted that this number will reach 73% by 2021.

For this reason, strengthening mobile applications is the main topic that e-commerce firms need to consider. Although there is an increasing trend in mobile shopping, many firms might experience problems in mobile channel marketing due to slow loading time and accessibility problems on mobile applications. At this point, widespread social media applications can be used for handling this issue in mobile marketing.

Accelerated mobile pages called AMP are among the methods applied to solve slow loading issues. Fast loading property as one of the most fundamental topics for e-commerce websites and applications is one of the most important factors for completing shopping after clicking. Slow loading problems generally prevent clicks and result in shopping.

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