Kadir Kurtuluş

Proofstack Co-Founder

Lawyer Kadir Kurtuluş is the member of İstanbul Bar Association and founder of “Kurtuluş & Partners Law Firm”. He is the co-founder of international award-winning first blockchain project Proofstack (formerly known as Copyrobo) in Turkey. After his education at Ankara University Faculty of Law, he continued his education in the UK. After completing his language education in Cambridge, he completed Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Trinity St. David University, the UK in 2010. He started to work as a solicitor in British companies while completing his master’s degree in England. He was Director of Boards and Chairman of Turkey in The British-Turkish Lawyers Association in England.

He is currently working as Board Membership and Legal Advisor of British-Turkish Journalists Association, European Bar Association and Law Association Council membership in Belgium and Chairman of Eurasia Blockchain and Digital Money Research Foundation. Kadir Kurtuluş is an expert in legal fields such as intellectual property and information technology law and economy fields such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. His articles are published in various national and international journals, newspapers and other publication units and he is joining various law and economy TV programs as a commentator. Additionally, he is a speaker in conferences organised by institutions and universities.

Kadir Kurtuluş is a licenced angel investor from Republic of Turkey Undersecretary for Treasury; he joined to Angel Investor Network with Angel Investor Licence and provided investments and mentorship to various projects. Kadir Kurtuluş supports new generation start-up projects.

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Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Certificate Program