Instagram Ads and Instagram Advertising

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Why is Instagram ads important? What is Instagram advertising? Everything you want to learn about Instagram ads is in our article...

With the technologic developments, almost every day a new thing is introduced to our life. In line with that, the interest in social media platforms is increasing and turn them into digital marketing spaces. Instagram is the most popular social media platform around the world and in Turkey. It is an effective way for brand recognition. According to research, 60% of participants say that they discover a new product on Instagram. More than 50% say that these ads influence their purchasing process. Well, why is Instagram ads important? What is Instagram advertising? Everything you want to learn about Instagram ads is in our article…

What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram is a platform that tells visual stories with various ad types and less and younger users than Facebook. Various advertisers see that the ads on this channel provide better conversion other ad campaigns. According to Statista, Instagram has 800 million active users today. The fast growth since 2013 is quite surprising.

Resource: Statista

Numerous active people browse this platform at every hour of a day. How can a business be highlighted here? At this stage, Instagram ads and Instagram advertisement take the role. Similar to Facebook, popularity brings dispersity as well. To create a real impact, it is almost impossible to break this complexity organically. Instagram ads are powerful tools to focus on the right people at the right time with the right message and views.

Instagram advertisement is a payment method to publish sponsored content on the Instagram platform. The purpose of the advertisement is to reach a larger and more targeted audience. There are various reasons for a business or individual to advertise on Instagram. Instagram advertisement is generally used to increase brand reputation, increase website traffic, gain leads and to funnel down the current leads to conversion.

Instagram is a highly visual platform. Therefore, textual ads do not work well! Instead, you need a photo, gallery or video to reach your target audience with Instagram ads. Of course, you need to offer these visuals with text!

How Much Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ad costs change depending on various factors. There are factors like Instagram audience, conversion rate etc. Not all of these factors are announced by the platform. Therefore, it is hard to answer this question. The Instagram ad cost model is based on cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPI) system. This means the prices are determined by the Instagram ad bid.

Advertisers have higher interaction with Instagram ads but this has a cost. Instagram ad costs are slightly higher than in Facebook ads. Since ads are well-targeted, 5 dollars per CPI payment can be demanded. Another factor that affects ad cost is ad placement. The right column ads on Facebook tend to be the most expensive. On the other hand, Instagram ads offer the cheapest placement options changing between approximately 0.80 and 1.30. Instagram ads are published based on different criteria such as gender, age, location and behaviour. This is the best way to reach the target audience. The click per pay on Instagram depends on the ad campaign budget and it is approximately 1.20 dollars.

However, advertisers have control over how to use their budget. For example, they can limit their daily spending. Thus, ads can be published for a while when the daily budget is used. There is flexibility in terms of budget. There are other ways to control the Instagram advertising costs. For example, with ad time plan, you can target certain times of the day to publish your ads. Ad distribution method can be selected as well. There are three options which are link clicks, impressions and daily unique impressions. Additionally, the bid can be set manual or automatic.

Is Instagram Advertising Right Place for Your Business?

This question brings other questions as well. Who is on Instagram? Only young people who take selfies? Or the 20-people group that searches for a recipe? Or an older population? Unfortunately, Instagram is not an ideal place for marketers who target older demography! Ad projects targeting a younger audience can be successful on Instagram. The highest Instagram users are in the 18-29 age group (55%) and 30-49 age group (28%). Only 11% of Instagram users are 50-64 age group and only 4% in adults over 65. Therefore, you need to focus on your target audience for Instagram ads. You must not disregard this social network as an opportunity!

Who You Should Use Instagram Ads?

While organic social media strategies seem to have affordable costs at the beginning, this is deceiving over time. There is a various trial-and-error method. Constantly changing social media algorithms can take you to a certain place. Therefore, it is important to focus on social media strategies that have organic and paid tactics. Thus, you will get the best things in the best worlds. For example, you are actively interacting with your target audience and publish content on your Instagram. But you can reach a wider audience that does not know your brand with paid ads. Instagram ads as a visual platform offer an ideal way to show your product. With Instagram shopping, you can easily convert people into customers.

Targeting in Instagram Ads

There are multiple targeting in Instagram ads. You can attract traffic to your website from Instagram with traffic-generating targeted campaigns. You can view your click rates on Ad Manager and assess your campaign success. With interaction targeted campaigns, you can target to increase the number of individuals interacting with your page. The most important metric in this campaign are users who comment and like your ads. Conversion is one of the important targeting campaigns. Dynamic mobile ad campaigns must be used to increase downloads of the mobile app of the firm and product sales.

Benefits of Instagram Advertising

The most distinct benefits of Instagram ads for brands can be listed as follows:

  • Product and service sales increase as brand recognition will increase.
  • You can reach the right people with ads suitable for your target audience.
  • You can gain the customers you have not gained before with re-marketing method.
  • Your website and mobile platform recognition and click rates will increase.
  • Your business will grow and know better with an increased number of customers.

Instagram Ads Models

Instagram has different ad models.

Photo ads: In-display ads, you can advertise with a single image. You can get high conversion rates with impressive photos. Recommended dimensions are “1080×1080” and “1:1” image ratio. It is not hard to attract users to your website with attractive content.

Video ads: This is an important method since video watching habits increase. The visual effect of display ads is high in video ads. You can attract more traffic with a video that fits your audience. Video ratio is recommended as “09:16”.

Story ads: Another and most popular ad model is sharing ads in the story. Especially the increase of influencer marketing has increased the ad campaigns in the “story” section. You can share a video for your target audience in the story or you can work with an influencer and ask him/her to do that. This way, your conversion rates can be more than you think. The dimensions of the images in the story section must be “09:16”. Images should be “1080×1920”. If you are going to share a video, the video should be 9:16.

You need to follow these steps to publish Instagram ads:

  • First, you need to log in to Business Manager account and integrate your Instagram page to this account.
  • Then, you need to integrate your ad account to Business Manager on the next stage.
  • You need to go to your ad account to create the campaign and choose advertising targets.
  • At this stage, you need to set a campaign budget and target audience. Then, you can complete the process by selecting and approving the ad type.

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