How to Prepare Visual Contents of Your Products?

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Due to the nature of e-export, they are the best alternative product images that can be presented to buyers who cannot physically experience your products.

As much as written content is important for potential customers who want to access products or services via search engines, visual content versatility and quality are as important for these customers to make a purchasing decision when they land on your e-commerce platform. Due to the nature of e-commerce, the best alternative offered to buyers who cannot physically experience is to feed them with visual content enriched with purchasing experience as detailed as possible.

While one photograph and technical information consisting of few sentences like size, brand, and raw materials were enough when you wanted to purchase sneakers in the first years of e-commerce, currently even multiple moving photos from multiple angles are not sufficient. Additionally, images from daily life that has all the details and describes where you can use these sneakers, moving photographs where you can look for all the details, 360-degree images or video content that explains how to care and clean the sneakers and contains real user reviews have become a sectoral standard.

Don’t Tell, Show

Consumers who access to your platform established for cross-border e-commerce generally hesitate to click on the “buy” button while navigating between departments and categories. Although they have found the right price for the product they need, details or information might not be enough. In this case, its the seller’s duty to convince the consumer. All necessary information must be provided at a sufficient level; it is important to avoid an approach to feed the hesitation of the consumer such as long and boring texts, videos that don’t actually say anything, technical property tables without the actual answer.

Since cross-border e-commerce addresses international consumers rather than the local market, it is important to notice that there will be tough competitors in the higher league. Cliché images provided by suppliers that can be found on every website, amateur and poorly illuminated photographs with incorrect angles that prevent visibility of details will decrease your chance for success. It is important to remember that you are trying to convince an audience without physical chance to try the product only with texts and product visuals. Your chances for sales will increase with professional visuals that have quality, detailed and sufficient information.

Benefit from Technology

Whether you are an SME on Amazon or an individual entrepreneur trying to sell handmade products on commercial platforms, you can invest in technologies that suit your capacity and budget to increase your visual content creation quality. If you aim to sell products abroad, your priority must be creating a storefront with quality visuals. Depending on the size of the products you are selling, you can use products like small LED portable product photoshoot tent to desktop photograph lights and to automatic photoshoot tables that enable taking product photographs with 360 rotating platforms to increase your visual quality.

Depending on your product amount and commercial capacity, you can build a fixed product shooting studio in your company and employ a professional photographer or outsource this service. Small-scale businesses and individual entrepreneurs can have attractive visuals with basic equipment like suitable illumination and mini photoshoot tents. Today, since smartphones offer highly sufficient technological solutions for photo shoots, you might not even need to invest in experience beginner digital cameras. No matter which path you follow, you need to do final touches like retouching, sizing and adjusting resolution and colors. You can use paid or free photo editing programs for these processes that will help to increase the final effect and ensure language cohesiveness of your cross-border e-commerce platform.

If you are selling your own products from platforms like ETSY, you might use practical online software or receive support from professional designers and graphic designers. The best seller products might not always have the most affordable prices. When you analyze your competitors, you can easily notice that the most demanded products are the products with the highest visual presentation quality.

Create Video Content

Since the 1-month worth of YouTube video content is more than TV content of a couple of years is an effective indicator to show the importance of digital content among new generation marketing tools. Video content that explains product benefits with simple and clear language and highlights functional properties like product usage area and benefits for the target audience is highly effective in purchasing decisions. Another usage area of video content is the ability to provide comments of real users and to show daily life usage of the product.

For example, when you want to purchase a pair of sneakers, a video content that introduces these sneakers and technical properties can also reflect the views of real individuals who trained with and tested this product. Similarly, video content with electronic device use and maintenance recommendations might help decreasing misuse problems as well as your return and service cost rates.

Update Not Only Your Products But Also Your Visuals

Your favorite product that you sell for a long time might be in the “best seller” list of its category. But you need to avoid using the same product photo for a long time. Think about how important storefronts are in conventional trade. These storefronts that are frequently renewed and match life at the beginning of the season, during seasonal transmissions, on special days and weeks are the first areas where the stores communicate with the customers. How long will you sell this product with the same color and photographs from the same angle and under the same light? You need to update your photographs and videos for each season and special events like the shopping fest. You need to change the angles, colors, and light. You might consider moving studio shoots during winter to open air in spring.

It is beneficial to match the lifestyle of your potential target audience and act together with them. You can show that the same product can serve different usage purposes in different environments and under different conditions. You can follow and share how consumer purchasing similar products have differentiated these products. Helping your potential buyers to develop a purchasing motivation when seeing these products is one of the most effective ways to convince them to click on the “buy” button.

Be Creative

You might have the same products but perspectives can always change. You need to use your creativity and offer unexpected visuals to your potential buyers. You can present the same umbrella on a desk, in the hands of a model running under autumn rain or hanging tens of umbrellas from a ceiling. You don’t need to take the picture of every product like a portrait. You can try inverse angles and unusual positions to increase the impact of your composition. You need to shoot the products in their usage areas and just for their usage purposes. Instead of shooting an outdoor shoe under spotlights, it is more effective to shoot in the muddy, wet and slippery ground.

You need to focus on creating the experience your customers will have when they purchase this product rather than the product itself. You might try macro photos. You can have detailed cross-sections from the close-up shots. Instead of a general view of the watch, you can add a macro photograph focusing only on the chronometer. Offering the different usage styles of the products you sell will open new ways for your potential customers. One of the best ways to surprise your customers is to think about what they cannot think. Remember, a creative and customized product visual that will impact at first sight is the most important step for success in e-commerce.

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