How To Open Amazon Seller Account?

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How to sell on Amazon? What are the steps to open Amazon Seller Account?

Opening Amazon Seller account or reactivating a suspended Amazon seller account become challenging. Amazon Seller account applications can be rejected if various procedures are not completed. Sellers who want to be involved in cross-border e-commerce lose both time and a chance to compete on Amazon because of incorrect account opening. Therefore, sustainable processes are needed for Amazon sales! Well, how can you sell on Amazon? What are the steps to open Amazon Seller Account? Here are the answers…

Sales on Amazon

You can sell in more than 15 categories on It is possible to choose multiple categories for product listing and product selling. To open an Amazon Seller account, it is necessary to view and accept sales conditions. We must express that you need to pay some fees to list products! Amazon follows a transparent and open policy and publish the seller agreement and tariff on the website. A monthly fee is paid to become an Amazon Seller or a seller on Amazon. Additionally, different commission fees or sales service fees are required depending on the category. There is no other fee.

So, what are the sales methods on Amazon?

  • Retail sales stores: You can purchase products from physical or online retail stores and sell on Amazon. This method is called retail or online arbitrage.
  • Wholesale suppliers: You can purchase a product from a wholesale retailer and sell these products to your customers around the world.
  • Private brand manufacturers: You can customise the products for your own brand and sell these products.

After opening an Amazon Seller account, you can list the products one by one or collectively with certain folders. When you list your products, you can now become an Amazon Seller and compete globally by reaching to millions of potential customers choosing Amazon. When you receive any order after product listing, Amazon will send a notification via e-mail or Amazon Seller Center panel. Thus, you can get notified about the orders and complete the order process as fast as you can. Amazon sales payments are transferred to seller bank accounts with 14-day periods. Amazon Seller commission fees are deducted when payment is made. Each payment is notified with an e-mail.

Steps to Open Amazon Seller Account

To become a seller on Amazon, you must not open a Amazon Seller account with the same name or information. Amazon collects a fee at Amazon Seller account opening stage. Therefore, debit card or credit card information to open seller account must be correct Otherwise, account opening process might be suspended.

Let check necessary procedures to open Amazon Seller account.

  • Go to
  • When you click on “Register” button, account opening screen on Amazon Seller Centre will appear.
  • Enter your name, surname, e-mail and password with at least 6 characters. Password is case sensitive.
  • Then, you need to enter the password send to your e-mail.
  • After that, you need to choose the country that your company is registered. If Turkey is not listed, you can choose “What if your country is not listed?” option and select “Turkey”.
  • You need to enter the legal name on the screen. If you have a company, you need to write you company and your name/surname with a dash symbol. If you don’t have a company, you need to write your name and surname.
  • In the next stage, you need to enter your address and contact information. After writing the code send to your phone on the screen, you proceed to the next stage.
  • At the stage, you need to write your credit card and bank account information. When you choose “Turkey” on this screen, you will be directed to Amazon Hyperwallet field and you need to press “Login with Amazon” button. Thus, you permit Amazon information.
  • Then, you need to rewrite name, surname, phone and address information on Hyperwallet screen and answer security questions.
  • After that, Hyperwallet asks for the bank account information. On this screen, Hyperwallet gives you an IBAN which means that it opens an account in the USA for you.
  • You need to choose United States on this screen and write the IBAN provided by Hyperwallet.
  • Tax information is written on the next stage. In this field, you need to choose either “individual” or “corporate” to add tax information.
  • In the next stage to open Amazon Seller account, you need to enter product information. Here, you need to answer the questions about the products.
  • After adding the product information, you need to verify information and your identity.
  • Then, you need to add the documents to the next page. When the ID is added to Hyperwallet bank account, the documents are verified.
  • If the documents are correct, you can continue with this operation. If they are not, you need to re-verify.
  • Then, you need to enter the code sent on your phone that you used for Amazon Seller account.
  • After this step, you are now a Amazon Seller!

Beneficial Information to Open Amazon Seller Account

  • You need to open an individual or corporate seller account and store to sell on Amazon.
  • If your account is verified after opening an Amazon Seller account, you can start listing your products on Amazon.
  • Monthly store fee on Amazon is 99TL. Other than that, different commission fees are collected per sold product depending on the category. Product listing on Amazon does not require any fee.
  • Amazon Seller account is opened for free. But if you plan to use private brand business model, you might pay some fees.
  • Amazon sales commission changes across categories. Commission rates change between 12-40%. Most rates are 15% of shipment fee.
  • Individual seller fee on Amazon is 0.99 dollar for each sales.
  • If you are using Amazon FBA program, you need to pay the Amazon shipment and delivery fees.

Become Amazon Seller Expert with WORLDEF Sales on Amazon Consultancy!

Become an Amazon Seller expert with WORLDEF Sales on Amazon Consultancy that includes sales on Amazon and opening Amazon Seller account procedures! Amazon Turkey has a strategic importance due to sales opportunities and being a neighbour to various regions. Critical procedures for sales on Amazon are sector, category, product and competitor analysis. WORLDEF Enterprise Amazon consultants offer a professional support for opening Amazon Seller account and sales focused on Amazon Europe and Amazon USA. Our consultants offer support at every stage including sustainable sales planning, competitor and category analysis, product listing and opening Amazon Seller account.

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