How To Make Customs Declarations in Digital E-Commerce?

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Electronic commerce customs declaration, ETGB, is one of the details that make e-export the most attractive.

eCommerce customs declaration (ECD) has been one of the details that make cross-border eCommerce more inviting. This service becomes an incredible opportunity, offering advantages from cost and effort to time and mediators, when it is utilized wisely. You can continue to read the advantages ECD offers, things you should do to make the best of them and many more, and in the end you can learn everything about ECD.

What is ECD? When is it necessary?

The declarations made by the firms offering mail and express shipment services in the digital platforms are generally referred to as ECD. The courier companies are able to provide faster service for products within the scope of ECD by indirect representation, without requiring any other companies or institutions. This reduces the possible costs and saves time to a large extent.

Just like in the conventional export, ECD is demanded from individuals and firms wishing to send products and make sales abroad. However, it does not include standard procedures such as customs consultancy, warehousing and other similar processes. Therefore, it saves vendors from additional burdens. It is important to remember that ECD allows accessibility only under certain circumstances and ones who would like to make Cross border eCommerce out of these circumstances need to follow and complete the standard procedures. If your parcels are under 300 kg and 15.000€, you can take advantage of this service.

What are the Advantages of ECD?

Declarations are unfortunately among the steps that turn conventional cross border commerce into a disadvantage; because people and institutions that are the objects of the declaration process, costs and delays work against the vendors. For all these reasons mentioned, ECD brings along many significant advantages. Here are these advantages:

  • No need to pay for customs consultancy and warehousing services.
  • No need to give a deed of trust for certain individuals or institutions.
  • Saves time and cost, as it does not require paperwork like in the case of the traditional declaration process.
  • VAT refund of your sent orders.

Documents Required for a Fast Crossborder eCommerce

Orders sent under the ECD are categorized as fast Cross border eCommerce, and thus, much simpler, easier and more low-cost documents are sufficient for the process to continue. Here are some documents to make fast Cross border eCommerce:

  • Cross border eCommerce information form, wet stamped and signed
  • Invoice in Turkish approved by Finance Office.
  • Invoice in English or German to be used as a declaration upon arrival

How Does the Express Cross border eCommerce Process Work?

Once the seller completes the required documents and gives the necessary information to the courier company, express Cross border eCommerce process begins. When the courier company receives the parcel, they become responsible for the rest of the procedure. The steps to be followed in express Cross border eCommerce are listed below:

  • While creating your call record, you should inform the courier company that your cargo is of an express Cross border eCommerce item.
  • You need to fill an express Cross border eCommerce form.
  • The courier labes the parcel(s) as a “CROSS BORDER E COMMERCE” and delivers them separately to the relevant people in charge who he/she is working under in the office.
  • The parcel in question is carried to the export warehouse of the airport on the next workday after receiving the delivery.
  • After the parcel is accepted to the warehouse, ECD is prepared and given, and then the parcel is sent abroad on the evening of the same day.
  • On the last step, required ECD documents are sent to the sender via e-mail on the following weekday.

How to Get the Related Documents Regarding Your Shipments in Express Cross Border eCommerce?

You can get your ECD documents only via e-mail, and you need to do is to inform your courier company beforehand for that. After the courier company saves your demand to the system along with your address, ECD documents are regularly sent to your e-mail address every time you send products abroad.

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