How to Balance Convenience-Security in Receiving Online Payments?

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Reliability and convenience are important criteria for receiving online payments in e-export.

As cross border eCommerce activities start to grow and develop, the competition between companies that do cross border eCommerce starts to increase. In cross border eCommerce business, in which it is important to provide quality and affordable products as well as a reliable service to customers, you should consider being reliable and make thing easier for the customers while trying out different methods to receive online payments.

Receiving payments is a tedious process for business owners, but in order for customers to choose you for online shopping, you should definitely choose methods that are both high-security and will not discourage the customers. In this way, first-time shoppers can trust in your site more easily. Therefore, the customer barrier in front of you to grow your business will considerably be eliminated.

Ensure the Security First

Remember that when choosing online payment methods, you should first turn to high-security models. Customers also care about the security of the site as well as the variety and quality of products during online shopping. Because customers want to make sure that when shopping with their debit cards, only the transaction amount will be withdrawn from their card, the order will be delivered as smoothly as declared, and their credit card information will not be stolen. That’s why security comes first.

What is Needed to Create Security Perception?

In order for consumers to trust in your website unconditionally, they must have made purchases at least once. If this were the only condition, however, no cross border eCommerce site would have grown and could win large-scale customers. That’s why customers need some data from you to convince them that your site is secure.

For average visitors to shop from a cross border eCommerce site, they need to visit the site about 4 times. Because in this process, they view the product in more detail, search for similar products on the Internet, evaluate payment options and try to feel certain the security of the site. If visitors are convinced that the web site is trustworthy, they start to visit it more often. After a few purchases, they finally decide to buy the product in one or two visits. This process is the process of turning visitors into loyal customers. However, in order to create all this perception, it is necessary to have some details, making the site feel safe and showing that it protects both itself and its customers.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate, which is a kind of encryption system, allows the credit card information to be transferred to the bank with a special encryption method while entering credit card information during Internet shopping. Encryption can only be decrypted by the bank and the card information is assuredly not passed into the hands of third parties. Thus, in cross border eCommerce companies that have SSL certificates, customers’ card information is secure. To see if a company has an SSL certificate, just look at the beginning of the address line. If the text at the beginning of the line is green, it means that the site has an SSL certificate.

3D Secure

One of the important methods of security for eCommerce payment systems is 3D Secure. In this system developed by Visa, you have to use this method to shop online. In 3D secure, the customer first writes the card information to the payment screen and makes the transaction.

This information is then encrypted and transmitted to the bank. After this information that can only be deciphered by the bank, the bank sends an SMS to the user. When the password in the SMS is entered on the payment screen within 180 seconds, the payment process takes place. As it is a multi-stage system that requires multiple elements (credit card information, mobile phone, etc.), the security increases.

Security is Important for Both Customer and the Company

Of course, cross border eCommerce companies that have SSL certificates, 3D secure security methods and similar virtual POS services ensure that customers can shop securely and keep their information safe. In this way, customers are able to make purchases without any problems. In fact, this is not only protecting customers. These systems, which are also very important for the seller side, also protect the cross border eCommerce company against possible payment objections in the future.

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